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Baja Wine Tasting Trip - Saturday August 20th

Needs a location

Have YOU ever wanted to visit Baja’s Wine Country?

Come join us on a fun and exciting adventure to discover some of the best Wineries & eateries that Baja has to offer!

We’ll save you time & money by taking away the headache of:

Planning where to go (there are like over 100 Wineries in the Valle).
How to get there (would you really want to drive in Mexico? 😅).

Not knowing who or having anyone to go with? (Come join us, we are a fun group!).
Whether you come by yourself, friends, family, or coworkers this is that one event we come as strangers and leave as best friends!

Come sip on some wine. Beer & mixed drinks too with your new friends.

MEETING TIME: 8:20am @ Front of McDonalds
727 E. San Yisidro Blvd, San Yisidro, CA 92173
RETURNING TIME: 11pm at TJ side of the border.
Time returning is approximate.. This is Baja !
We recommend you take the trolley to the border and park at a trolley stop with free parking.

Here are some of the places we are visiting this time:

Breakfast in Rosarito

Baron Blache'
Want to hop on a tractor and be driven around get a tour of the Winery? yup this place has exactly that!

Sol de Medina Noches
Do you like FREE stuff? This Winery offers FREE WINES samples and more. They even make Chocolate Wines!

Taquera Racherra
Cheap and delicious? Check! Burrito size of your ARM? Check!*
* Size is approximate. This is Baja !

Get ready to dance the night away, this amazing place has LIVE DJ!!! and if dancing isn't your vibe get ready to play some games like Foosball or giant Jenga! This place offers so much and has the famous Baba' Cake next door with amazing Cakes, Coffees & Photo Ops!


RSVP as soon as possible if you ready for another exciting adventure to Baja. This time we will be visiting 2 restaurants and 2-3 Wineries!!!

Cost of trip will be $80 per person and this will cover the cost of transportation and tip for the driver.
$80 will be need to be paid via Venmo / Paypal / Zelle before the day of trip.
Wine Tours cost between $20 - $30
You are responsible for paying for your own food, drinks, etc.

Please text message me to make sure there are available spots still on the bus and for updates and links to pay.
Text Your Full Name, Meetup Group, Wine Tour Baja 8/20 to[masked]


  • Valid Photo I.D. / Passport
    Small bills (recommend you bring enough to have a good time).
    Jacket / blanket to keep yourself warm on the bus & at night.
    Plenty of water to drink and hydrate especially for on the way back.
    Power bank to charge your phone
    Yes you can bring your own drinks/snacks on to the bus.


Rule #1
Do NOT buy around of drinks or shots for the whole group unless YOU ARE willing to PAY for it and if you do, please pay it separately.

Rule #2
We are a very large group and will not be able to get individual checks and most likely will get one big check at end. Best and fastest way is to split the cost of food evenly across everyone and everyone pay for their drinks.

Rule #3
Once again we are a very large group and “tipping” standard is 20%

Rule #4
To save time bring small bills & if you are going to exchange money please be on time this way we can spend more time having fun rather than waiting.

Rule #5
If you are going some where away from the group let somebody know. (i.e. bathroom, photo ops, Taco Stand across the street Etc.

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Big Al is not the Organizer or Responsible for this Event.
This event is cross posted to multiple MU Groups.

Meetup Group.
Visit the MU Group at the link for updates.

We want to have a happy hour before the day of the Wine Tour to answer questions and get to know everyone going.

This is going to be FUN !
Big Al

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