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Calling all fit nature lovers who love a challenging brisk hike in the country to explore, take photographs and have fun. We sometimes combine yoga, meditation, kayaking, snow-shoeing, climbing or camping to the activity or take off for weekends or week long trips.
So it you've ever wanted to push yourself, adventure hike and get back into shape and see this lovely province or places in US and abroad, to hit the hills, valley, rivers and mountains, then please join us.

Most of our hikes range from the Escarpment and Upper New York State area to the outer reaches of our lovely province but we will also venture to Arizona, Utah, the sunny islands, China, Europe and into Africa.

Evening hikes range from 8 to 13 km. Weekend hikes range from 3.5-6 hrs or 12-20kms. Some are more challenging than others due to hills, rocky terrain, etc. Tougher hikes will come with warnings ahead of time about the duration of the hike and level of difficulty. You will need to assess your abilities and be equipped appropriately for the conditions. A list of suggested gear is provided.

To attend a hike you must agree to a waiver of responsibility by the volunteers running this group:

While participating as a member or guest of a member in any activity organized by "Adventure Hiking and Fitness" it is understood that you release and forever discharge its Organizers, Assistants and Hosts from any claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses and actions or any liability in any way connecting to, however arising as a result of participation. You agree you are physically fit to participate in the activities.

We are looking forward to many more exciting hikes!


Upcoming events (4)

Horseshoe Valley Resort Snowtubing Adventure

Horseshoe Valley Resort

3-hour Snowtubing Pass on giant snow tubes.

Rental of snow tubes included!

We’ve done this many times in the past and it’s an awesome day of fun.

The entire days activities, including some healthy yummy treats is $60

To register, you must first send $60 by etransfer to [masked] and when you pay, you get to play!

Rouge Valley 12 Hill HIIT-format Technical Hike

Location visible to members

Gorgeous hills, forest, ponds and a wide variety of terrain and trails.
Please bring 2 liters water, hiking shoes, snack and lunch.

Due to Covid: keep distance, no sharing food or fluids.

Technical Hiking at the “Royal” Botanical Gardens

Location visible to members

Icers required.

Hiking shoes only! No Running Shoes.
Covid Rules: no kissing, slow dancing & don’t share water/food.

The Gardens are a hikers pleasure palace with a simply lovely mix of boardwalks, hills, ponds and mixed technical trail because there are lots and lots of fun hills we explore as we push some HIIT benefits to max out our anaerobic part of our workout. Anaerobic leads to exceptional health benefits as it releases HGH, endorphins and boosts your bodies ability to repair itself and leads to a general feeling of well-being.

As my favorite exercise fitness crazy man Wm Hoff says “Let’s get high on our own supply!”

Bring plenty of water, source of electrolytes, good hiking shoes, hiking pole is handy, snack and lunch.

Bronte Creek maple Syrup, pancakes & hayride Advanced Hike

Location visible to members

Awesome after-hike pancakes, maple syrup festival & hayride.
A fun rugged Advanced Hike that is more fun than difficult. Some Tough hills.
It is approx 14km.
Bring 2 liters water, electrolytes.
Hiking pole comes in handy.
Icers absolutely necessary.
No children.
Bring a lunch.

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Mono Cliffs To the Caves (Technical) Hike

Mono Community Centre

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