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Wilderness Trekking Course by BASCOOL

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Bangalore Adventure School (BASCOOL) is an institute that offers technical training for adventure activities. WhatsApp Chat group : https://bascool.org/Trekking-chat-mu Phone / WhatsApp :[masked] ( http://wa.me/916009799877 ) Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC) is a course designed keeping in mind every outdoor lover – from those who have never hiked before to those who’ve already done some difficult treks in the Himalayas. Registration is now open for the 2020 batch of this course. Course calendar will be given to registered students. Course Fee : 5,899 INR Registration / Payment Link : https://bascool.org/WTC-reg-mu For more details, please read our FAQs page : https://bascool.org/WTC-faq-mu Topics covered include travel techniques, navigation using map & compass, gear, knots, weather, nutrition and hydration, back-country emergency, flash-flood and avalanche awareness, Leave No Trace, and more. This course is designed for YOU if (any of the following) : ----- You are new to hiking; you are not sure were and how to start. You are looking for the proper guidance from a team of well qualified outdoor professionals. ----- You’ve been hiking a lot, but would like to learn the right skills from a team of well qualified outdoor professionals. ----- You’ve been hiking with groups or friends in the past and somehow your group just vanished as they got busy with their life. But, you still have the hiking fire in you and you need company. ----- You’ve already climbed strenuous peaks in a day, but now would like to learn the skills to guide your friends along. For more details, please read our FAQs page : https://bascool.org/WTC-faq-mu

Land Navigation Course (LNC)

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Link to register: https://bascool.org/LNC-Reg-mu Topics Covered: Map symbols and information Measuring distance on a map Differences between True North, Grid North and Magnetic North Triangulation Using a protractor to plot bearings and triangulate position on a map Understanding Map projections and Latitude-Longitude grid systems on a map How to orient a map with a compass Route planning Following a compass bearing while trekking Determining location grid coordinates (using GPS) and plotting the location on a map Dead reckoning Using pace and terrain association to arrive at a destination Topographic map and terrain association for navigation without other tools Reading contour lines to get a 3D view of the terrain Plus other tips and tricks to build your confidence while navigating through the wilderness About Your Instructor Gokul is best known as pioneer Canyoning instructor of India. He was trained by Marines and Ex US-Airforce trainers during his stay in the United States. He is also the founder and lead instructor at Bangalore Adventure School. Fees: INR 3,999 Tranportation: 800 INR Link to register: https://bascool.org/LNC-Reg-mu Location: The training location is in the outskirts of Bangalore. At Ranch 14 - BASCOOL Campsite which is another 20 kms past Art of Living center on Kankapura Road. Contact: Phone / WhatsApp:[masked] Email: [masked] Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/731601791031626 Things provided? Printed maps Baseplate compass Things to bring Notepad Protractor Pencil Eraser Hat Good shoes trekking attire Face Mask Sanitizer

Canyoneering Training Level 1

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Rappelling / Canyoneering / Canyoning Registration / Payment : https://bascool.org/CTL1-reg-mu Difficulty Level : Beginner Syllabus : • Intro to Gear, Terminology and communication. • Rappelling Techniques & On-Rope Skills • Adding Friction Pre-rappel • Adding Friction Mid-rappel • Locking Off etc. • Specialized Rappelling Techniques • Hard Starts • Soft Starts • Free-Hanging etc • Safety • Safety Checking • Belaying Meeting Location: 1) Within 30 kms from Bangalore. Exact location will be emailed to participants Fees : 1400 https://bascool.org/CTL1-reg-mu Contact: Phone / WhatsApp:[masked] Email: [masked] Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/349223692965493 Things to Bring: (Bring whatever you have from this list. If you don't have something, please post a comment in the event and let me know) Full length hiking pants Full sleeve hiking shirt Hat Climbing helmet or bicycle helmet (bring if you have it) 2 litres water Snacks like - dry grapes, ground nut, cashew etc. (light weight but, high energy) Some good shoes Notebook and Pen What I will bring for group: Ropes Webbing Harness Helmets Rappel devices

Geminids Meteor Shower - Camping

Priyadarshini Tea Environs


Description Geminids meteor shower occurs every year between December 4 and 16. In 2020, it is peaking on the night between December 13th and early December 14th morning (Night between Sunday and Monday). Peak time means the time when the most meteors fall per hour. Eventhough the peak is at around 2 AM, it is generally visible from 9 PM itself and lasts through the morning hours of the next day. Link to Register: https://bascool.org/BAS-Geminids-Reg WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/K9QUFSohzhVBGSBtjveaXO Contact / WhatsApp:[masked] Email: [masked] Please click the following links to read more about the sky event. What is Meteor Shower? https://bascool.org/BAS-Meteor-Info What is Geminids Meteor Shower? https://bascool.org/BAS-Geminids-Info Location: Priyadarshini Tea Estate, Mananthavady, Wayanad, Kerala. This is located at the border of Kerala and Karnataka and falls under the buffer zone of the Brahmagiri range of forests. This facility comes under Tourism Department of Kerala and hence is the most legal campsite in this forest area. Stay Facilities: 1. Stay will be inside tents. 2 people each will be sharing a tent that can accomodate 4 people. If immediate family members, then more than 2 will be allowed to share a tent. Tents and and meteor shower viewing area will be 10 minutes walk from the facilities (for perfect viewing conditions) 2. There are rooms and cottages available in the resort. You may pay extra and opt for those. The price range for such rooms vary from 3K to 7K depending on availability. Bathroom Facilities: Bathrooms are available at the facility. (10-15 minutes walk to tents) Food: Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, evening snacks & Dinner Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch, evening snacks & Dinner Monday: Breakfast Transportation: 1. We encourage you to come in own private vehicle. Lotsa safe parking available at the facility. 2. We provide pick-up and drop-off from Bangalore. There will be a fee of 3000 per head for this facility. Activities: Saturday: Tea estate visit, Tea Factory visit Sunday: Short trek, Swimming in a river Fees: 2499: Fee for stay per night. 3 meals included, tea estate visit and tea factory visit included on Saturday. Small trek on Sunday is also included. 3000: Transportation from Bangalore.

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Wilderness Trekking Course by BASCOOL

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