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This group is for anyone that loves to Cruise, or wants to love to cruise. We will look at ocean cruises, river cruises (both domestic and abroad), Small ship cruises and yachting.

'Adventure with Me' is a group travel concept where you travel together, but don't necessarily have to 'vacation' together. So take advantage of the group perks and pricing, but don't necessarily have to dine and drink together!

If your not interested in Group travel, join our sister group Arvada,Lets go Cruise!


Some of our planned topics for meeting include Alaska Cruises, Caribbean Cruises, European Cruises, River Cruise in the US, Beer and Wine Cruises in Europe / US and Destination Wedding and Romance Travel through Cruising. We also have some terrific ideas for fundraising through cruises!

When possible we will happily organize group cruises to take advantage of group rates and perks!

While the host is a Travel Agent ( T.O.T.O. Vacation www.totovacation.com) , and information about our service will be present at each meeting, these will not be sales pitches for travel. We would love to earn your business, but we will not be pushy about it.

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Please note that we do not push our agency in discussions, we wont tolerate you advertising in them either.

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Being a Cruise Group Leader - What's in it for you!

Group travel is one of the best ways to get excellent value and opportunities for much better pricing when booking cruises. Booking a group cruise offers additional amenities at no extra charge and provides the opportunity for lower fares, fundraising options or for group leaders, reduced travel fares. In this meetup we will look at group travel, from a Group Leader standpoint. - What is a cruise group? - Typical types of Group travel? - What is a Travel group leader? - What are the responsibilities of being a group leader? - What are the benefits of being a group leader! - What are the group perks for Ocean cruises, and River Cruises? - What is a TC credit and how can it be used! - How will group travel work within our meetup groups! - What do we mean by travel together, but not vacation together. How to ensure as group leader you are not stuck babysitting! - We will discuss using a travel agent vs working online or directly with a cruise line.* - If someone has a specific group cruise in mind, we can 'build' a group, walk through the options and see exactly how it would work. Please contact me so we can work out some details before the meetup! We expect the presentation to be 40 minutes or so, and then we can discuss examples and answer questions! Snacks and drinks (tea, lemon-aid & water) will be provided. As always we encourage you to bring a friend! Speaker: Chris Dowd - Owner TOTO Vacation Bio Page - https://www.totovacation.com/administration-pages/chris-dowd-bio/ *Note - in this presentation when we look at working with Travel Agency, I will be using my agency as an example. Not all agencies manage groups the same and the examples are not intended to be used as guidelines for what to expect from other agencies.

All About Alaska

Kokopelli Beer Company

Since the weather was so bad last time around, I thought I would try this again. Sorry to those that wanted something a bit south it just didn't work out. This is a free event and we welcome you to bring friends! I'll host a 30-40 minute presentation on Alaska Cruises, and open the floor to questions about this amazing destination. We will look at when you should cruise Alaska, and I'll present a couple of Cruise lines I work with, showcasing what they have as examples of what the industry has to offer. We will look at Inside Passage cruises , and the ports/ glaciers along that route, add the Gulf of Alaska Cruise with the additional ports / glaciers offered on that itinerary. What Pre/ Post Tour options can make the vacation a once in a lifetime event! My presentation is orientated around the experiences Alaska has to offer and how to ensure the experience you want, is the adventure you get! If we have time, I'll discuss group cruises with anyone interested in taking advantage of the perks and discounts available in group travel! Speaker: Chris Dowd - Owner TOTO Vacation Bio Page - https://www.totovacation.com/administration-pages/chris-dowd-bio/

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All About Alaska

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