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Calling all brave adventurers! We are a group of gamers who enjoy playing tabletop RPGs, board games, and gaming online. Every fortnight, we host Friday Night D&D - an organised play format of Dungeons & Dragons where players can join in stand-alone adventures.

On Saturdays, we alternate between Saturday Night Indy Games and Boardgames & Beer.

Saturday Night Indy Games is a chance for people to try out some of the many lesser known tabletop RPGs that are out there. The hosts bring along a bunch of different games, and all the players vote on what they'd like to play that night. We've encountered some pretty weird and interesting games along the way.

Boardgames & Beer is exactly what it says on the tin. Whether you're into party games or super serious Euro-games, you'll be sure to find people to play with. Bringing your own games is encouraged, but if you don't have any to bring, we'll have a huge library for you to choose from at the venue.

Some members also run ongoing campaigns in various different systems, and there's always players looking for more games, so if you're a DM/GM looking for a group, just message Alain so he can make you an event organiser. You can also join our Discord Server (https://discord.me/adventurersguild) to organise and discuss games.

Adventurers Guild doesn't have scheduled membership fees, and members can bring guests along to meetups if they like. All we ask in return is a $2 contribution to most in-person events to help cover the costs of the venue and Meetup website fees.

No matter if you're a seasoned d20 dice roller, haven't played in years, or have only heard about D&D and always wanted to give it a try, jump in and join a game session!

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