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What we’re about

If you like being active and prefer to explore the outdoors rather than being a couch potato and appreciate the beauty of nature while getting a good workout, this group is for you! Now is the perfect time to venture out and explore new and inspiring groundings. We are a relaxed group with one goal: Let's just have fun, enjoy life and each others company. We will participate in a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, bike riding, water sports and other outdoor adventures. Please join us and make new friends with like minded people, the adventures are unlimited! Get out there! \

IMPORTANT: Be aware that many of the activities that this group will be involved in are inherently dangerous. There are countless occurrences of serious injuries, and even death that are associated with hiking/backpacking and other outdoor activities, by requesting membership in this group you and your family assume full responsibility for yourself and your actions and agree not to file any civil actions against the group, the organizers or its members.