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This meetup is designed to fill the gap between day hiker, and mountaineer groups. This group will focus on unique type trips that you do not find often with the other groups. I try to avoid posting events that other groups post as the other groups are often good at leading those events with fabulous leaders! One of the goals of this group is to post trips far enough in advance to allow the mending of work schedules. Another goal is to open up new doors for folks interested in learning about the next horizon! We are happy to help the beginners and thrilled to learn from the pros!

The current big trips in the pipe line include, spring Steelhead fishing in Febuary if the season reopens, Annual Olympic backpacking trip, Salmon River multi day rafting in july, and a febuary snow shoe hotsprings trip.

Keep your paddles wet, and your boots dirty!

I wish everyone a fabulous journey!


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The adventure and challenge of dance(Foot loose).

Southside Community Center, Spokane WA


In this Meetup we are going to take the adventure indoors for a dance class. Dance is new to me. I took my first class this summer and discovered a very challenging and highly rewarding activity. I had/have little ability to ask my feet to be coordinated with what my brain wants! With the first class my brain is starting to communicate with my feet something other than hiking and rafting(strongly noting the feet take a free ride when its time to paddle). So, the short of a long story is I think this is well worth sharing to the crew. It is kind of amazing, challenging, and fun. If you get a chance look up the health benefits of dance classes, definately peek! It is so worth it on its own!

This class will likely be Latin basics with a small chance for beginning swing. I know this sounds a little wishy washy, but it pans out in the end as the foundation for both classes are very similar and quickly transferred between the two. It comes down to a vote on day one. The instructor, Melissa Finke, teaches a very subtle yet highly responsive form of communication within dance that translates into a very fluid relationship between dancers. Basically that means the lead is not yanking the followers arms out forcing each dance move. My experience is that dance is equal communication and foot work. Dance is very challenging for me. Others find it comes naturally and float along the floor their very first lesson. I would like to Tanya Harding their butts, but that is not dance like as you will be surprised to discover that you can learn something from everyone. Even day one beginners can notice something that has been missed by generations of instruction!

Day one is Tuesday February first. The class is every Tuesday at six in the evening at The South Side Community Center. The address is 3151 E. 27th Ave, Spokane WA. The class is four weeks long and the price I think is $35 with a couples discount for the entire class. At seven Melissa will also be teaching Ballroom basics. I am not sure that I am ready for two classes yet but some of you that may have floated along the floor in class one or this turns out to be as fun as I claimed will want to stay for ballroom. I might stay. I will have to see how this goes for me! You can find more at www.danceclassspokane.com or at the community center's web site.

May your dance shoes remain dry and your snowshoes remain frozen!


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