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This meetup is designed to fill the gap between day hiker, paddling, and mountaineer groups. This group will focus on fewer trips with a longer duration and an intermediate skill level. One of the goals of this group is to post trips far enough in advance to allow the mending of work schedules. We are happy to help the beginners and thrilled to learn from the pros!

The current big trips in the pipe line include, spring Steelhead fishing in Febuary, Olympic backpacking trip into the Enchanted Valley after taxes in April, Salmon River multi day rafting in july, and Hells Canyon packrafting trip in the fall.

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Serenading a Pig Over The Pit.

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Serenading a Pig Over The Pit 2019. This is a music themed pig roast and pot luck. This may not be the outdoor adventure that some are looking for but it is fun and it is in the field! This is an event I host every year for family, friends, and crews. I am going to open this up to the meetup crew. Serenading a Pig Over The Pit 2019. After a small break the pig roast is returning! I was too slow to catch a pig the last few years so with extra training and a few new special weapons I have secured the bacon! Saturday June 15 is the chosen day this year. The stage is also returning. Well, at least what I called a stage. So bring a talent and a smile and join in the fun(you can just watch too)! Don't worry as this is an easy crowd and everyone will be great performers! After we close the stage if there is anyone interested we will construct a drum circle. The pig roast starts Friday morning but I don't really encourage anyone to join in that early. Saturday morning is better. I don't mind the company and help if any one is interested in the behind the scenes stuff. Festivities will really get under way by four and dinner is at five! We will open the stage up some time after six. This is a youth friendly event. At about nine I no longer can guaranty the validity of the last statement. Parental types you are warned. To some of my Washington friends; please remember that Washington herbal substances are not legal in Idaho and many of the folks who attend are subjected to federal guide lines and could suffer career ending results if exposed to Washington style smoke. So, If that is a need for the perfect pig roast, then there is plenty of space and I can point you in a good direction. Don't start a forest fire. Oh, sorry to be the party pooper, but no under aged drinking. There is plenty of room for camping and I welcome it! What should you bring? A favorite side dish to share is a great idea. Always bring a beverage of choice! You may not like what I have to offer. Then again, you might. It is your gamble on that one. Bring a chair and warmish clothing in case it gets cool. Camping gear is a safe bet too. Don't forget to bring a talent! You can exploit your children's talent as your contribution if you want. It is ok to just watch. This is a rain or shine event! I got this covered if it wants to rain! To find the talent pig you want to head one mile north on highway 41 out of Rathdrum, ID. In less than a mile you will find Willadsen Rd. You should turn there. It only goes one direction(west). If you miss it, well hopefully your GPS will reroute you to turn around. If not, then don't miss it. Go to the end of the road and look to your right! You can't miss us; I think. We are in a cattle pasture with a tree island. Always smoke your bacon with a hard wood and I wish everyone a delightful day! James Primmer P.S. Examples of talent and not limited to may include music, stories, skits, jokes, acts, and what ever I did not think of. Be safe to you and others! There is a porty john on site.

Over night Salmon river rafting!

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The Main Salmon in three parts! The first leg is for the meetup group. This is a good trip for beginners. The rapids are reasonably big and not very difficult to navigate. We will do a stretch that normally takes a full day and we break it into two days. This trip starts at Hammer Creek overflow area just out of Whitebird ID. I have some space for people without whitewater gear. If you are bringing your own whitewater boat and gear Contact me and I will up the limit for guests and not include you in the guest space. This includes anyone who wants to bring their whitewater kayak and sweet talk one of my boaters into packing your extra gear. We camp on the beach and eat way too much for meals. The swimming and fishing is fantastic. This leg of the trip will end at Pine Bar on Sunday the twenty first. For this leg you need to be ready for over night camping on the beach. The sun is intense! Sun block only works so well and for so long. Be sun ready! When it gets cold it can be at freezing. With in a few hours the temperatures can near 100 degrees after a freeze. Normally, it stays above sixty at night. You must pack sleeping and personal gear in one dry bag. You should strongly consider a small tent, a good chair, and sleeping pad. These items do not need to be in a dry bag. I have a boat that is devoted to chairs, tents, and tables. Volume of gear is critical and weight is not as a big deal on a rafting trip. We will leave Rathdrum ID at three p.m. on Friday the nineteenth. We stop for dinner in Lewiston. The group will camp at the Hammer Creek overflow parking area. This is a lot that is within one eighth of a mile from US hwy 95! Saturday morning we will do breakfast and the shuttle. We try to hit the river about noon! Saturday night we will stay on the river, swim, play a few sand games, and eat more. Sunday after breakfast we will pack up and finish the trip at pine bar about two p.m. This crew of boaters generally take turns providing a meal. They have a tendency to be competitive with meals and the food is outstanding. If you want to claim a meal or help someone who has claimed one, let me know and I will put you in contact. We do have two vegetarians and if there are more please let me know! I think this time I am going to say everyone is on your own for lunches. Keep trash and bulk to a minimum! Bring a cup, bowl, plate, and cutlery. We keep trash minimized. You should bring beverage of choice and extra water. NO GLASS! So, This is the rest of the story. This is a trip I put on with my logging crews. We do this trip every year. This year we are starting our trip at Pine Bar and taking out at Hellers Bar another four days down the river into the wilderness area. Then the last leg there is a smaller group of us headed to Riggins to spend the rest of the week running the big water around Riggins during the day and catching the music festival by night! That is Riggins Hot Summer Nights festival. We head home on sunday. If anyone thinks this is their dream trip and want me to talk one of the crew into taking you as guest or you have your own equipment and are comfortable piloting your own rig let me know I will see if we can swing it. Finally, this trip requires a lot of work. I will not do the sign up and don't show game. You must stay in contact with me. Two weeks out send me an e-mail verifying your intent. One week out we have a boat party to prep all of the boats. This is not mandatory but I will take all the help I can get. If I don't hear from you I am simply removing you from the list. I take extra days off to ready boats and gear plus there is no room for extra gear because someone might go. If something comes up I am good with that just let me know. I will never hold it against you as long as you let me know! Keep your paddles in the water and your oars in the locks! I wish all a fabulous day! James

Rafting the Alberton Gorge and dinner at the 80,000 Silver Dollar Bar!

This is an early fall rafting day trip down the Alberton Gorge on the Clark fork River. The fall is a terrific time to play on this river! We will leave Coeur d' Alene at seven thirty in the a.m. and return in the evening after dinner at the 80,000 Silver dollar Bar. I have about ten spots available with PFDs You can meet me at the Coeur d' Alene Winco parking lot on the South east side near the Taco place and lowe's. We want to leave around Seven thirty. Be ready for sun, cooler morning temps, and water. If it is over cast you can still get sunburned. You can and will get wet. Bring a dry change of cloths. We will stop for lunch on the river so bring a bag lunch and keep trash as minimum as possible. If the weather is slightly bad I am still going. If it is hostile we will call it quits. The water level needs to be above 1300 CFM for me to bring guests. People say that river is good down to 1100 CFM. At that level beginners and novice are not going to have a great time. It is challenging and you are paddling a lot. We will finish the trip at the 80,000 Silver Dollar Bar. It might be 90,000 by now, I have not been there in a wile. If you have any questions or concerns send me an e-mail or comment. Keep your paddles wet! James

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Kayaking with moose.

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