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Adventures by the Book™ offers worldwide opportunities for readers to connect with authors and their books on an intimate basis through unique, interesting, and adventurous travels & events.

Join us as we expand our Adventures from San Diego into Orange County, bringing a novel experience to your area. Through lunches, dinners, teas, tours, and many other events, Adventures by the Book offers innovative ways to help readers better connect with authors, because the fact is: when readers and their favorite authors share a personal exchange, magic happens.

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Super Book Saturday with 22 bestselling authors on the Queen Mary

It’s kickoff time! Time for two great teams of authors to give book enthusiasts and reading fans the experience of a lifetime, complete with national anthem (sung by none other than classically-trained singer and internationally renowned author Kate Quinn!), half-time show, four quarters of excitement, crowd-pleasing food, and maybe even some memorable commercials and a tale-gating party, scheduled to take place aboard the luxurious and historic Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, on Saturday, February 1, 2020. Further info, list of authors, and Tickets: https://adventuresbythebook.com/event/superbook-weekend-adventure/

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Books & Bingo with 16 authors!

Corona Public Library

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