What we're about

This is a social group for those with a desire to be entertained but also edified. Providing opportunities to meet good people, make new friends, travel, eat, laugh, hangout, etc… but with DIGNITY. This group is for those with an appetite for something new, something that inspires and empowers… something of SUBSTANCE.

As we mature, many grow tired of the typical entertainment scene, such as clubs, parties, etc… which often leaves us unfulfilled.

We couple stimulating, thought provoking conversations with adventure…
• An exchange of dialogue regarding topics, scenarios and situations that plague our everyday lives.
• Taking deep dives into LIFE and RELATIONSHIPS.
• Exploring the truth of LOVE and COMMITMENT in dating, marriage and relationships.
• What does it mean to be PURPOSE Driven?
• Many other transformational topics

Our discussions take place in/on many environments and occasions:
• Over dinners as we explore new eateries and cuisine
• During trips as we broaden our cultural landscape
• In the midst of a simple gathering or cookout
• During game and movie nights, and whatever other adventures we decide to engage in.

It is our sincere hope that as we interact there be a refinement of character and a better understanding of our PURPOSE and what LOVE truly is.

Contrary to popular belief this world doesn't have a people problem… the world WE live in, has a CHARACTER problem.

LET’s TALK ABOUT IT, and HAVE FUN doing it.


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