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The original Random Adventure group and we don't charge you to be a member. Life is too short not to see and try something different. This group will expose you to so many things you may never even knew existed. The best part is that this group holds interesting things for singles, couples, all age ranges, first timers, or the experienced who seeks to do it again. From Rafting, Wine Tasting, Paint Ball, Dance Classes, Horse Back Riding, Gun Shooting, Archery, Fishing, Hiking, Skating, Rock Climbing, Live Theater, Fruit Picking, Cooking Classes, Rodeo, Fencing, Snowboarding, Bowling, Trapeze School, Happy Hour and anything else you can think of, there is something for everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a dating group although we may have related activities time to time. Please do not solicit any members for any such related activity unless the other party has expressed a prior interest explicitly.

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Mt Whitney (training) Camping at Whitney Portal. Lone Pine Lake, Meysan Lake

This event is full You may RSVP on here to be on the Alternates list for there is an opening. A good idea is to RSVP on the main location as when there is an opening it will be posted there first. https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/271874632/ Event limited to 24 total. Up to Three nights Fri, Sat, Sun night. Your choice!! Whitney portal is a stunning and beautiful place. Sadly many do not appreciate it as they merely use it as a drop spot before going up towards summit. For this we will head out in the AM and you will see the trail in the light. We will go only as far as Lone Pine Lake. This is normally a 5 mile round trip. On the way down (so about 4 miles) we will turn and have the option of going up to Lower Boy Scout Lake (about 2 miles up). Then back to camp. This is intended to get you to feel and see the area and there is not the pressure of summiting, or starting at a crazy time of night. Many do not appreciate Whitney Portal as they are looking only at the top. Many pass by the stunning-ness of Lone Pine Lake looking only at the top. We are going on this to either train for summit or to take it slow and appreciate the stunning area as it is. What's great about Whitney Portal is you go from 3700 ft elevation of Lone Pine to 8300 of Whintey Portal with very little winding roads. So you have alpine delight with little road time. There is the rushing snowmelt river/creek. The tall shady pines. Cute campground with moderate and difficult day hikes. AND Right below at the base of the hill is The Alabama Hills. With Mansanar just to the north and Fossil Falls to the south. The Plan: Arrive Friday in the evening. Get there when you can. No set arrival time. The earliest we can be in the campsite is 4PM. Sat: Hike Whitney Trail up to Lone Pine Lake. Then optional to Lower Boy Scout Lake. Sunday has two options: If you want to train . . . Meysan Lake Trail (google it) OR Sun: 20 min drive to Alabama Hills THEN Go to Mansanar (better google that too) THEN On the way home . . . go to Fossil Falls (yep . . . better google that) This is intended as Whitney for everybody trip. No matter who you are, . .you can come. We will go slow and easy. Nobody is left behind. This is for fun and community. Not for bragging rights. Kids are OK. But super young is not ideal. Dogs are fine too. You do not need a permit to make it up to Lone Pine Lake. Whitney is a place that is on everybody's bucket list. We are going on this one not to Summit, . . but for fun. Hence the title: Whitney for Fun!! Add in Alabama Hills and add in Mansaar and Fossil Falls, . . . this is a getaway. Whitney: The tallest location in the Continental US. Our campsite will be at about 8,400 feet. Whitney is over 14,000 (we are not going up that for this meetup). Alabama Hills once you see this place you will never camp at Joshua Tree again. AND every movie you can imagine filmed there. Tremors, Django, Ganga Din. Lone Ranger, Galaxy Quest, And on and on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCCMs9tx2yM or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK-JeZ-99sY or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2x2tSP3beM Mansanar: One of the internment camps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYTvbo238Sc Fossil Falls is the former drainage of the Owens Lake. It slinked out thru a recent Lava Flow. . . . and the falls sculpted and carved the area. The river course changed and now you have a Waterfall that is frozen in time or Fossil Falls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_eYJDUWlhg I have some tents to loan (but you will share). If you have extra bring those to loan out. This trip is meant for beginners. Dogs ok at campsite and on trail Cats: that's your call. You are responsible for food and drinks (with people having so many food needs it only makes sense) FULL Covid protocols in force at all times. This is a great beginner or first-timer trip. Refunds given for cancel up to 4 weeks in advance. Less than 4 weeks a credit given towards a future event.

Fall Colors Yosemite: 4 days / 3 nights Camping . Get out and have safe fun.!.!

Yosemite is that amazing place you want to go but have not yet. You have heard it's amazing but you did not want to go on your own and none of your friends were willing to join you or be adventurous. & you have not been able to get out for a while too! & you want to get out and be safe! Camping is a very safe activity as we are outdoors and with distance & you have always want to try camping!!! This event is perfect for the First Timer or Beginner camper or you have been and can't wait to go again For this and many other reasons: This is the event for you!! Of course Yosemite is a massive place and there is always More To Explore. Yosemite is an entirely different park in each season. We are heading there for Fall. The Fall Colors will be in full force. Totally different from Spring, Summer or Winter. This is Fri, Sat, Sun nights and depart Mon. OR you can do a Fri and Sat, depart on Sun if you wish. Sat AM we will assemble and break into groups of where to go, and what to do. There will be Easy, Medium and Hard options. The Easy folks will be doing all the best spots. The Medium will do some medium hikes. The Hard folks will have several more challenging hikes to choose from and head out. Let's do some orienteering to get you a lay of the land. Yosemite is GIANT. For lack of a better breakdown . . it is 4 distinct areas, and you can easily spend a day doing each. *Yosemite Valley *Tolumne Meadows/Tenaya Lake/Tioga Pass *Glacier Point Road *Southern Yosemite/Wawona/Giant Redwoods What you miss doing one day . . . you have the next days. There is no need for FOMO. This event is meant to be more like a buffet where we lay out options so you do more of what you wish in the order and way that works best for you. What kind of camping is this? Answer: This is Tent Camping. Cars will be parked steps away outside our site. Our site has flush toilets, free showers and outdoor wash-stations. There are grills, if you don't want to use your stove, and to cook over wood. It is a mix of shade and open area. Plenty of fire-pits we can divide among several to keep distance. The site has an outdoor heated pool we can use, as well as a convenience store with anything you forgot. As far as campsite it's much nicer than most. Hey . . . what about the Apocalypse? Will we be safe? We will have full Covid precautions in place. The general idea is to break all areas of transmission. We have an ENTIRE large and private site where we will be able to maintain distance as needed. Masks and coverings as needed. Outdoor wash station. Food handling and food storage protocols. All safety requirements by the state and local will be in place. We will cut in half our total size and thus have half as many people as pre-pandemic in our large space. Don't delay. Don't wait. Yosemite is everyone's favorite and it is difficult to impossible to secure sites, and especially now. This is on your bucket list. Time to mark it off. Payment is the ONLY way to save your place. So do not delay 4 Days/3 nights. $120 per Person https://py.pl/RBW1a7YNQT 3 Days/2 nights. $110 per Person https://py.pl/Awfx37Pjj4c If you are x2 or x3. Just do the transaction a second or third. Or contact for a custom link. 17 and under $50 per (contact for link) THIS PART IS SUPER IMPORTANT. With the NEW covid measures in the park . . . they are LIMITING ENTRY NUMBERS. They are doing this via passes to enter the Park. They went on sale Sept 1st. The Passes are Per Car NOT per Person. As a group we have enough passes. BUT space is now SUPER LIMITED for this event. We are close to filled. When full payment links will be removed without notice. We do have other fun events planned. Our events do always fill as we offer quality, value and safety. Our sites are private and with better amenities We curate our events with activities and good decent social. Most of all . . .in this time we also provide strict Covid safety protocols.

EASY BEACH CAMPING! !! Perfect for first timer. The Halloween Alternative

PERFECT FOR FIRST TIMERS or for seasoned campers!! Beach camping at El Capitan State Beach. (not El Capitan in Yosemite) This event is now full. You may RSVP and be on the ALTERNATES list for when there is an opening OR if we add more space. Payment links are removed What's that? You don't know how to camp? No worries. This will be doable. This event is perfect for first time camping. This is not roughing it. Covid: Full covid measures in place relating to food, restrooms, hiking, campfire and more. Speaking of restrooms: Flush toilets and showers (not at the same time) Tents: If you do not have a tent send me a note. I have tents I used to loan out (pre covid). They have not been touched since Oct of 2019 (precovid). I will not loan out (post covid). But I will sell them off for $20 each. I have 8 or so. If you do want to pick one up: Target or Big 5 have inexpensive options. They are as low at $15 on sale for small ones $25 or $30 for the 3 or 4 person larger ones. Bedding: Several good blankets from home will also be fine if you don't have a sleeping bag. Personally . . . I just use a feather duvet from Ikea. Bring your yoga mats for under you. No need to invest in a bunch of equipment. Food: Due to covid there is no potluck or food sharing. AND with so many dietary variations and specialized needs/wants .. . it's just not feasible to make a menu that works for all. This way you bring what you like. It's more simple that way. Really there is no need to go overboard. Simple is better. If you have question of what to get . . . drop me a note and I will give you ideas. The less prep and cooking needed the better. Avoid (just add hot water) foods. Paper goods, single use utensils, cups, paper-towels, trash-bags etc . . . will be provided. The site has grills. Really though . . . aim for simple food, not a foodie weekend spending all our time cooking. We will be providing all the firewood and keeping that stoked and going. Booze: Sure. Bring wine (lots if you wish), or beer or whatever you wish to unwind with. With a little wine . . . you really will not worry too much about the food. Questions: Is there a place where I can get something there? There is a small camp-store located on at the site and it is open to 7 or so. Pretty much what you will find in a 7-11 There is ALSO a nice secret that makes this place fab, . . . just outside the state campsite is a private campsite . . . but we are allowed to go in there to their store. They have a fine wine shop AND espresso and sandwiches and whatnot. . . It's a short walk there or you can drive it. Now let's talk carpool. Personally not a carpool fan in time of covid. But some still wish it. A carpool matrix will go out the week before the event to all those signed on. PARKING: Car space is NOT limited at the site. BUT we do only get allocated 7 spots for free included with our site. Parking is $7 per car for the 8th car and beyond. The FIRST SEVEN who signed on will get those slots. Our site steps from the water. We have our own stairwell down to what amounts a beach private for us. Walks down the beach and looking for shells, . . . Tidepools!!!! You want to do a Sat day trip South to Santa Barbara? Sure. Solvang? There is North too. ALSO . . . 1/2 hr to the north is the Lompoc Wine Ghetto. oooooooooooooooooh . . . a day of wine tastings!!!!! Also: Wind Caves https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/gaviota-wind-caves/ Hot Springs Hike https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/gaviota-hot-springs-hike/ There are some falls . .but they may be dry https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/nojoqui-falls-santa-barbara/ https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/tangerine-falls-in-the-los-padres-national-forest/ Cost $75 Per Person Payment link removed once filled. Kids under 18 free. Dogs free also. But you have to be responsible. Event is rain or shine. Rain does not cancel.

Time for Random Fun that's Far Away!!! Everest Base Camp!!!! Nepal Trip!

Los Angeles International Airport

This is definitely a bucket list type adventure. It is also tempered with safety and do-ability. First of all, . . . this is NOT going up to the top of Everest (29,000). This is going to Everest Base Camp (17,600) also called EBC. Our starting elevation will be in Lukla at 9,400'. With all that said . . . this is VERY doable at any age. You do not need to be a marathon runner. The truth is if you can manage walking 3-6 hours a day, up and down a hill, while carrying a light pack, you will be OK! Professional guides and Porters to carry your gear are included. All that is left for you to carry is your water, snacks and camera. But I don't have the needed gear?! Our trip includes providing you with a North Face sleeping bag and parka, rated to -4F. As well as walking poles. So you don't have to buy them or pack in your suitcase. Does this include food? Yes. This includes meals. What is lodging like? Are we sleeping in tents? No. We are sleeping in a series of "Tea Houses" along the route. You will have bed in a shared room with roommate (from the group). Sorry, a solo room will not be available on this trip. We will pair up everybody. What if I get sick or hurt. By the way . . . how dangerous is this? This is NOT the summiting Everest with people dying from bad choices. We will be walking on an established, well used trail the entire time, and NOT on snow or ice. Stats from past years show that 30,000 people a year do the EBC trek. With all that said, . . . Our trip INCLUDES emergency insurance. For instance: this will cover a helicopter if needed. Plain and simple, safety is our primary goal. We will have an experienced guide and porters, and Anna and I will be along the entire way too. OK. How much does this cost? If you want a breakdown to try and find a better flight, OR if you wish to use miles, OR if you wish to upgrade your flight, OR you are not flying out of LA Everest Base Camp Trip $2,290 (15 Day, land only) The (group) air portion $1,190 (departure LA) INCLUDING AIR departing from LA the TOTAL cost is: 18 days for ONLY $3,480 (this includes air!) Non-Refundable Deposit of $250 to hold your place. There is not enough room on meetup to post the full detailed day to day itinerary. More is available upon request If you have any questions call 8I8 52I 48I9, or RSVP, or PM or post a comment. Apr 18th Depart 6:30PM Apr 19th Flight time across time zones Apr 20th Arrival in Kathmandu 10:30 AM(4,377') Night at hotel Apr 21st Scenic flight to Lukla (9,383')(45 minutes) and trek to Phakding (8700/4-5 hrs/5mi Apr 22nd Trek to Namche Bazar (11,286'/5-6 hrs/6.2mi) Apr 23rd Acclimatization day. Day Hike to Syanboche (12,575') Apr 24th Trek to Tengboche (12,664'/5-6 hrs/6.2mi) Apr 25th Trek to Dingboche (14,469'/5-6 hrs/5mi) Apr 26th Acclimatization day. Day Hike to Nagarjun Hills (16,676'/2 hrs) Apr 27th Trek to Lobuche (16,207'/ 5-6 hrs trekking/4.4mi) Apr 28th Lobuche to Gorakshep (16,942')- Everest Base Camp (17,600') (Everest summit is 29,029') and trek back to Gorakshep (7-8 hrs/9.3mi) Apr 29th Gorakshep to Kalapathar (18,514') and trek to Pheriche (14,340'/ 6-7 hrs/9.3mi) Apr 30th Trek back to Namche Bazar (11,286'/5-6 hrs/9.3mi) May 1st Trek to Lukla (9,383'/6-7 hrs trek/5.6mi) May 2nd Scenic Flight back to Kathmandu (45 minutes flight). Last minute shopping May 3rd Contingency Day May 4th Drive to Kathmandu airport (20-30 minutes’ drive) and fly back to the home. May 5 Arrive LAX Apprx 5PM For a compete list of what is included, and what is not included AND/OR for a Detailed Daily Itinerary and detailed packing list: RSVP, PM or post in the comments. Note correct end date May 5th not May 1st. Meetup limits event posts 14 days max https://tr.im/MoreToExplore https://tr.im/BaseCampEverest

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