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AIS DRT/sRT Fishbowl Event
Rather than our regularly-scheduled meeting (4th Mondays) we thought we would organize something different for this month! So, we just love getting the Dominants and the submissives together to talk about What It Is That We Do. A fishbowl is a fantastic opportunity for each side of the slash to have a chance to talk...and to listen to the other side's thoughts! Fishbowls work many different ways, but we're going to make ours simple. First, one group, either the Dominants or the submissives, will be able to talk freely on a common topic while the other group listens. Then, the second group will have a chance to share their thoughts while the first listens. Then, we'll all chat together. Simple as that! Our Questions will include: 1. What are the bad habits or things your D/s partner does that drive you nuts - how do you deal with that? 2. What draws you to a D-type / s-type initially? 3. What do you wish your D-type would teach you or what things do you wish your s-type would learn, what experiences do you wish your D/s partner would share with you? 4. Do you have any protocols that you share with your D/s partner that you particularly enjoy? Can you think of some you don't currently practice but would like to try? Our most basic rules are to respect one another, avoid cross-talking, and "what is said at the roundtable stays at the roundtable." The AIS submissive Roundtable is a place for slaves, submissives, bottoms, switches wearing their subby hat, and the submissive curious to learn and discuss issues close to our hearts in a safe and judgement free atmosphere The AIS-DRT is open to all D-types: Tops, Dominants, Masters, Owners, etc.. and Switches that are wearing their D-caps. Please come with an open mind, a willing attitude, and be ready to have a lively and fun discussion.

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Central Ohio's growing Pansexual, Polyamorous BDSM/Kinky Fun Group - Adventures In Sexuality (AIS) is open to all adults!* While we are based in Columbus Ohio, we have local and regional events that welcome people from all over! Within AIS, there are many sub-groups where people can find their niche. We are comprised of diverse members of the National Kink Community. We are focused on Education, Outreach, Safer Play, Fun and toward building greater Kink Awareness and Acceptance. Click Here ( for our website.

We do our best to create a safe environment for the encouragement of those who are actively seeking their bliss! We welcome everyone who is interested in finding and creating more cohesive community, on local, state, national and international levels.

When it says that AIS is a group that is PanPolyKinky; it means we welcome people of any relationship model, design or desire. So come on out if you are polyamorous, monogamous, dichotomous, single, partnered, doubled, steatopygious, triadic, monochromatic, etc.. We simply ask that you check out and abide by the rules, (you can find those on our website Click Here ( and be honest about your status.

We are here to bring support, excitement, interest, and a forum for those who have an interest in Kink / B.D.S.M. This is a group for those who express themselves in whatever "Kink" or manifestation they desire. It is our desire to bring education and social gatherings to the growing group of people involved and interested in the B.D.S.M./Kink community. We invite all individuals, couples, triads, etc... whatever their sexual orientation, identification and inclination, who are open to the fact that all legal and consensual sexual expression is valid.

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