What we're about

A group for expats or locals in the Czech Republic, looking for opportunities to have adventures within the country.

Whether it's an evening, a weekend planned trip or just a meet up. We want to get people together who share similar interests.

Maybe you're experienced, maybe you want to try it for the first time. Everybody is welcome here.

We're new so give us some time to build up a great following and have regular events.

Want to organize a meetup? If you have any ideas for an adventure in the Czech Republic that you would like to organize, please suggest it (the more concrete the better). If three or more members say they're going, the event will be created. If you'd like to organize a meetup on a regular basis, send me a message and I'll make you an event organizer. The only requirement is that events should not be created to sell a product or service.

We look forward to having expats, travelers, and locals joining us.

The aim is to start small with meetups over evenings for short periods in and around Prague or other major cities. If people are interested, we may organize weekend or longer trips doing adventurous activities further from away.

Please feel free to message us with anything. Ideas, requests, greetings.

Past events (20)

Prague Christmas Market Get Together

Wenceslas Square

Festival of Lights Hangout

Locus Workspace

Climbing at BigWall

Ocelářská 891

Climbing at BigWall


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