What we're about

So, I joined a book club on Meetup and it was basically the best decision of my adult life. I wanted to do a spin-off of that -- basically make my Angel to their Buffy -- and have a group where we do a bunch of stuff we just wanted to do but needed a group to do it. My plan is to meet at least once a month; become bestest friends; do random stuffs. I want to work as a group and decide things to do as a group. Do what we find fun and don’t do what we don’t want to.

Most groups are centered around a type of activity or shared interest. Not us. We're all about the people IN the group, and our common threads are our common traits. Making real friends is the point and the fun stuff that we do is just how we get there. That part, we'll put together as we go along.


Since we're a collection of such broad diversity, we're going to have a big mix of backgrounds, traits, beliefs, and experiences. Above all, more important than any other thing, we WILL respect one another as people. It's one of our few rules, but one that has to be followed. We should be our genuine selves, but we must be our BEST selves. This group will actually be a perfect chance to understand others better and improve how we relate to people (after all, that's how to make bestest friends!).

General Group Guidelines:

Above 21 preferred.

Please keep RSVPs up to date. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group that no shows without prior notice.


Upcoming events (5+)

Karaoke night

Post Time Lounge

Karaoke night- nuff said. Post Time is a full-service bar & grill with an outdoor patio and brazier. Sunday food specials are $7.99 8 oz. New York Strip until 8p and All-You-Can-Eat Wings for $13.99 all night. Drink specials are $4 margaritas 'til 9p and $8 Bud & Bud Light pitchers all night. Katie Joyce runs the karaoke and she's a super-sweetheart! She's got nearly any song that you'll want to sing on her list.

DC Deckbuilding Game Demonstration Event @ Bamf! Comics (w/ prizes!)

Be a hero -- a DC Comics Superhero! For the low-low of absolutely FREE, you can join other aspiring crimefighters from around Central Florida in playing the DC Deckbuiliding Game, an easy-to-learn, social, super-fun game that requires NO experience or even awareness of the beauty of comic books. Being a demonstration tournament, the game will be taught fully to everyone in minutes, and every player flies away with an EXCLUSIVE DC Deckbuilding Game card that you can only get at a special event like this one! Plus, to really lay on the loot, the person who wins the game at each table will be awarded the DC Deckbuilding Game playmat shown above, featuring a largantuan assortment of DC Superheroes and Supervillains! The first 10 people to check in will get their choice from 2 promotional cards, with the rest being handed out as supplies last. Tournament seating is limited by how many game copies that we have available, so don't be late! However, even if the seats get filled, you can still learn the game and make new friends to play with afterwards. Bamf! Comics in Maitland is a new, but quickly established, hobby store that features comic book subscriptions, ample table space for gaming and group meetups, and a brand-new, in-store café serving cosmic coffee concoctions. This demo tournament will launch Bamf!'s initiative into organized gaming and ongoing events as they continue to grow their energizing and welcoming game community. Be a part of the super-team and join us for good times, good people, and good gaming!!


AMC Universal Cineplex at Universal's CityWalk

Final time will be set closer to date due to movie theatre availability. We will meet a movie theatre and watch The Curse of La Llorona. We will not be scared because we are grown ups and it’s just a movie. Maybe even afterwards we can grab a drink and talk about how not scared we are.


Celebration Tea Room

For this meet up, please listen to a few episodes of the above mentioned podcast before the meeting. We will discuss how ridiculous it is, complain about how much it sucks to work customer service and share some of the most ridiculous reviews that we have personally found online. Finally, we will suggest other similar podcast that group member shows may enjoy.

Past events (26)

Podcast Discussion: UNFORGOTTEN

Imperium Food & Wine

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