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What we’re about

 The ORIGINAL, LARGEST and MOST ACTIVE outdoors group in the Carolinas! Often imitated but never duplicated!

Triangle Hiking and Outdoors Group (aka THOG) is the premier outdoor adventure group in central North Carolina. With over 7000+ members and 300+ events a year, we offer a comprehensive array of exciting adventures in the Carolinas and beyond! We are the ORIGINAL Meetup hiking group and #1 in the Carolinas. Membership is FREE and open to any adults over the age of 21 years old. Our members range in age from 21 to 70+ years old, although the majority of our members are in their 20s through 50s. Our membership base is diverse and includes members who are singled, married and partnered.

Our Activities

Our regular activities include walking, local hiking, day trips, camping, backpacking and paddling. Depending on the season, we offer additional activities such as hanggliding, zip-lining, indoor rock climbing, and snow skiing). The majority of our events are hiking events, that allow old and new residents to enjoy the great outdoors and scenic areas around the Triangle area.

Why join THOG?

We know there are several outdoor groups in the Triangle area to choose from. When you join THOG you are joining the BEST group in the Carolinas. Our volunteer board consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the Triangle area.

1) Experience counts! We were the first Meetup-based hiking group in the Carolinas and have hosted over 3000+ events since our inception. We are now in our 10th year of operation and continue to lead the way by providing unique and innovative events for our members!

2) Member exclusives! Throughout the calendar year, we offer events that are only available to THOG members. Events include workshops and hikes on private property where we have secured permission in advance! 

3) Most importantly, we have great members who are fun and adventurous but also safety conscious and responsible.

We are an INDEPENDENT group and are not associated or affiliated with any other hiking or outdoor groups. In other words, there are other groups that claim to be like THOG, but they are not! On rare occasions, we will co-host events with other groups, but these will be clearly identified on the THOG site.

What THOG is not ...

- THOG is not a singles group and those looking to join THOG for the sole purpose of finding dates will be disappointed. (* On a serious note, if you are on the receiving end of unwanted advances, harassing e-mails or stalking behaviors, please let us know by contacting a Volunteer or Organizer)

- THOG does not condone or engage in careless, reckless or irresponsible activities or behaviors.

We expect that members will do their socializing on the trail, at camp, or on the water! Thus, you won't find social mixers, dining events or parties on our site. What you will find are some of the most unique outdoor adventures in the Triangle area. Whether its hiking, bicycling, zip-lining, backpacking, rafting, kayaking, snow skiing, snowshoeing, or camping, we've likely done it!

We are a VOLUNTEER based group and do not collect ANY fees or dues. Volunteers and organizers are selected based on their experience and commitment to the group. We require prospective volunteers and organizers to attend a minimum of 3 events prior to consideration for such positions.

What are you waiting for? Join THOG Today!

By joining THOG you are agreeing to our Membership Code of Conduct and the Trip Participant Waiver of Liability (updated December 30, 2015). 


I fully realize that this activity involves a risk of personal injury, property damage, or loss of my person or property. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and same for persons with whom are in my party, waive and release any claims or rights against Triangle Hiking & Outdoors Group (THOG), all of its owners and coordinators for any and all injury, damages or loss to my person or property incurred during this activity. I also understand that THOG organizers are not required, nor should it be assumed that they are CPR/First Aid/Wilderness Survival Certified and I am responsible for my own personal safety.

Your RSVP indicates release of liability as indicated in the TRIP PARTICIPANT WAIVER OF LIABILITY above.

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