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"Adventure" can mean just about anything, as long as no cute little bunnies are harmed in the process. Let's get active, attend concerts, go to movies, evade law enforcement, do some wine tasting, jeer opposing teams, blow up stuff, and otherwise make a general nuisance of ourselves!

I recently became the organizer for this fine group, and am hoping to steer it a bit more toward a wider variety of fun, social settings. In the future, some events may even take place at a member's private residence (my own, for example), and for that reason, we will require a reasonably clear photo of all members. This means, please, no photos of your dog, your favorite cartoon character, a sunset, or that roadkill you ran over this morning.

Also, we need members to actually attend meetups that they sign up for! So, we will begin tracking no-shows, with the goal of politely suggesting no-show members join one of those ... ahem ... "other" meetups.

Membership is open to pretty much anyone between 21 and 118, and you must be at least 16.5" tall to join. Nationality, ethnic background, gender-orientation, religious beliefs and income level are all examples of things that DON'T affect our desire to include you in activities. However, please be aware that we may occasionally schedule strenuous activities, and some may be kid non-friendly.

Some of the things I want to schedule include:

• happy hour
• dancing
• outdoor concert
• toga party
• hiking
• rock climbing
• day trip
• hijack a space shuttle
• watch a movie at the theater
• attend a live seance
• beaches!
• go to a roller derby
• kickball
• Cards Against Humanity

We encourage all members to suggest events that they are interested in attending.

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