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Playing with Neuroscience: workshops for everyone

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Playing with Neuroscience: workshops for everyone
Duration: 90 minutes
Date: 9th February 2023 at 3pm GMT / 10am EST

How might we create a new normal, where the people and the cultures that we build are amazing? Where more of us can bring our whole selves to work in an environment where we truly belong?

We live in a time where more people are innovating than ever before and organisations must adapt quickly. To ensure continuous change and innovation, we need to include people of all neurotypes. We can do this by fostering cultures where everyone feels heard. Where innovative, world-changing ideas can thrive. This is crucial. Our world and our organisations must change and change fast. In order for this to happen, we need to recognise that neurodiversity is a reality and embrace it wholeheartedly.

So how can we, as coaches and facilitators, enable this?

Neuroscience provides us with important insights into how our brains function and respond to different activities. Different neurotypes can drive different behaviours. In order to build an inclusive culture, we need to understand and take into account everyone’s neurotype when designing meetings, workshops, and communities. ADHD is a perfect example of this.

ADHD is an underdiagnosed condition that affects approximately 5% of the population.

Visual Facilitator Gemma Honour and Strengths Coach Myron Parks are passionate about the neuroscience of engagement and creating fun, interactive, and inclusive communication experiences. In this interactive online meetup they will share how creating fully inclusive workplaces with neurodiversity in mind is a key piece of the puzzle.

Together we will explore "Neurochemical Cocktails" for inclusive workshops that Gemma and Myron have created as part of the Innovation and Leadership Mastery Program. You'll have the opportunity to practise curating a more inclusive experience. You’ll also learn how to employ tools that will ensure your workshops are rooted in the neuroscience of large scale facilitation, specifically with ADHD people in mind.


  • Describe how neurodivergence, in particular ADHD creates a creative lens for innovation and digital transformation
  • Discuss how you can leverage neurochemical states to prime everyone for collaboration & creativity (particularly focussed on ADHD)
  • Use play-based techniques and visual techniques to help ALL participants (including those with ADHD)
  • Come away with a workshop of your own design that you can use for your teams

About the speakers:

Gemma Honour is a Visual Facilitator, Agile Coach and Visual Thinker who believes in the power of diverse thought and group wisdom.
She and Myron are also co-collaborators on the Innovation and Leadership Mastery Program.

Myron Parks is an Agile Coach, Enterprise Strategic Agilist and US Navy Veteran.
He and Gemma co-collaborate on the Innovation and Leadership Mastery Program. Read their article here.

Systems Coaching and Thinking (ICP-SYS)



This is a paid-for course, available to book via our website.
Cost from £1,350 +VAT (standard £1,500 +VAT)

During this highly-interactive, PowerPoint free, Systems Coaching and Thinking course, you will learn how to work with and coach complex systems and a variety of systems coaching approaches as well as how to work with your client as a system, tools and techniques to help systems move into action, and ethics (along with an ethics framework for decision-making). You will also learn about your own personal biases, make a plan to grow your inner capacity as a systems coach, and create a coaching plan for a client.



By taking this Systems Coaching course, you will discover a new way of thinking and coaching organisations and how to effect the necessary changes needed for survival, growth, innovation, and delivery in today’s rapidly changing and complex world.
Upon successful completion of the class, you will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional in Systems Coaching certificate, a key step in developing your agile coaching mastery.


  • Identify WHY organisational change is needed and show how systems coaching helps systems unlock the potential
  • Feel confident interacting and working with complex human systems without feeling overwhelmed
  • Create a systems coaching contract template that can be used with clients/teams/systems back in the office
  • Acquire multiple facilitation and systems coaching techniques that help the system learn aspects of itself
  • Show how the things that are visible and tangible are the result of a complex web of structures, patterns, and events that are hidden beneath the surface
  • Recognise when conflict is toxic or healthy and invite teams to find balance and a healthy way to resolve differences.
  • Demonstrate an organisation’s complexity in a way that helps clients/systems to make better decisions
  • Articulate the impact coaching has on the organisation and show what structural changes are needed to deliver customer value.
  • Explore the relationship between systems and sub-systems and how these relationships create complexity within an organisation
  • Leverage different mapping tools to understand the relationships that form within the organisation to reveal the hidden field from which everything emerges
  • Recognise how internal biases, privilege and one own’s development impacts one’s ability to coach a client
  • Demonstrate how to sense and bring out hidden dynamics within a system and make decisions based on that sense-making
  • Show how to set up coaching as a strategic amplifier in your organisation and build a coaching culture to support an organisation’s strategy for growing its employees
  • Demonstrate capacity as both a systems thinker and systems coach knowing when and when not to apply systemic tools with your teams and organisation
  • Show how to continuously evolve your organisation using systems tools and illustrate how multiple, interdependent effects of our actions within a system impacts a company’s future success and failure
  • Navigate the hidden forces that seem to stop change from happening, visualise them, and enable others to make better decisions


Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp (ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT)



This is a paid-for course, available to book via our website.

The advanced Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp combines the ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agility Masterclass (ICP-ENT) and Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICP-CAT) classes into an intensive training experience.
Gain an advanced understanding and skill set needed to coach at the enterprise level within an organisational change context and take away an immediately practical set of tools and techniques that you can use back at the office.



During this highly interactive and advanced training course, we cover organisational development, leadership coaching, large-scale facilitation, structural and process design, organisational change process, human change process and organisational design.

This transformative class is packed full of new and easy-to-digest techniques that you can use right away in your workplace to help your organisation move forward and achieve its goals. If you want to learn how to help individuals, teams and whole organisations through the challenges they face when moving towards enterprise agility then attend the Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp.
Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the advanced ICAgile Certified Professional – Agility in the Enterprise and Coaching Agile Transitions certifications – a key step in developing your enterprise coaching mastery.


  • Know how to engage and help managers, leaders, and other areas outside of delivery teams, including coaching and advising skills to improve leadership relationships and effectiveness.
  • Gain the skills, tools, and techniques you need to coach a large group during an organisational change.
  • Describe how to design systems that support high performance, customer focus, and agility.
  • Examine how different structures, processes, and leadership qualities affect psychological safety, as well as our current levels of emotional intelligence and our ability to create and maintain safe spaces.
  • Explore the limits of your own identity, decision-making, and meaning-making capabilities.
  • Gain skills, tools, and techniques to overcome dysfunctions like handoffs and waste.
  • Use Lean concepts to optimise an organisation for adaptability, flow of value and feedback.
  • Demonstrate how work is split across the organisation, where the bottlenecks are, and how to improve flow in a way that leaders understand.
  • Know how to write good experiments and understand the difference between experiments in a closed and predictable system and those in a complex and open system.
  • Create and use metrics (OKRs etc) in a way that shows whether experiments are moving towards real business outcomes.
  • Know how to identify and talk about systemic barriers to agility and what to do to remove them.
  • Guide large groups/teams of people towards better organisational structures that support the organisational goals.
  • Explore different models for discussing culture and the link to structure and leadership.
  • Identify and overcome resistance systematically. Unlock insights, models, and techniques to help people understand what change means to them.
  • Explain how to use the AWA Enterprise Change Pattern, a non-prescriptive approach for rapidly transforming an organisation to achieve its goals.


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