A TRUE UFO CONTACTEE~~The Irrefutable Evidence of the Claims of Dr. George King

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Allan Jaggard, a 40 year devotee of the Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King, will present overwhelming irrefutable evidence that will show to any logical, open‐minded thinker, that the claims of this true Cosmic Channel are valid and of the utmost importance to all upon Earth. This vast Cosmic Message to mankind can be discovered within The Aetherius Society, which has as one of its major responsibilities to present to the masses, these Cosmic Revelations of the highest spiritual and scientific content and opportunity.

Throughout the 1950s & ‘60s the UFO movement was swamped with individuals who claimed to have messages from our extraterrestrial neighbours. Without a doubt, over the ensuing decades, time has weeded out the wheat from the chaff. The one aspect that has become increasingly clear is that Dr. George King and his claims of contact with highly advanced extraterrestrials stands out, towering over the many earlier and even to some extent, current day self-proclaimed prophets. Discrimination is absolutely essential! Never once in the ensuing decades has the wisdom of these messages ever been proven wrong. On the contrary, the validity of the information Dr. King brought to the world, rings increasingly true with each passing year. In this riveting presentation, your intellect will be challenged by the overwhelming evidence of this truly remarkable and provable claim! You will also learn the vital importance of developing and utilizing your ability to discriminate in order to recognize the True from the False!

Real Truth Will Stand The Test Of Time!