What we're about

A new church for the African American community centered around deistic beliefs. Spirituality combined with scientific investigation will combine to encourage entrepreneurship in the Black community under the umbrella of Deistic principals. Welcome all on this exciting new journey. This meetup group is about the principals of Deism as a natural religion and an alternative to mainstream Christianity. The goal is for this meetup group to grow in to an actual Church for Deistic ideology. One of the main premises of Deism is that Human beings can only know God through reason and observation of nature. A group such as this that uses religion based on reason and observation should attract individuals that have become disillusioned with traditional religion especially the "Black Church" . Ideal members who should join include educated professional people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of community and purpose. If you want to join a church or religious body that is interested in improving the community through actual pragmatic means rather than just passing around a collection plate, this group is for you. People who join will not only learn but teach and share from their own individual experiences. Typical activities will center around the origin of Deism and why it is a sound religion for the African American community. 1)There will be reading, videos and discussions about Deism. 2) Discussion on how Deism can help foster learning in the natural sciences and technology 3) How Deism can be applied to every day life such as personal finance and economics. 4) Investment clubs will be formed with research conducted by everyone in to viable investment markets. 5)Business proposals, politics, and the news will also be discussed. The beginning of each meetup session will be composed of a sermon based upon Deism and then there will be a moment of silence for prayer or meditation. After the sermon and prayer, items 1 through 5 will be conducted. Not necessarily in that order.

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