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When the Job Makes You Sick: Little Known Ways to Master Stress and Work
What constant stressor is wearing you down at work? Poor leadership? High standards but no resources? The impossible pace? Unethical practices? No passion for the work? You are more in charge than you think of your stress levels and energy output! You know about exercise, diet and meditation. Rosalind Henderson, certified leadership coach, wants to share additional little known research based strategies for you to crush work without burning out. This session is for parents, CEOs, business owners, employees and all those stretching to make their dreams come true. 15.00 at the door. The code to the gate of Liquid Space is 1021. The door is 1021#.

Liquid Space

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This for African American professionals of all ages who want even more in life.

Success is at your fingertips. So, what blocks you from reaching your goals? What do you need to let go of so you can soar? A nasty attitude? Old pain? Outdated habits like starting well but finishing poorly? Tired of making excuses for not attaining what is yours?

We, as experts with a lot of experiences, have the resources to help you change your inner game. Do that and outer success follows.

Change can be hard. Every time you go to the next level, there is lots to learn. Sometimes, friends and family turn their backs on you, and sometimes you feel alone as you journey towards your destiny. But success drives you. So, be with like-minded ambitious others.

Lasting change can only happen in community. Using your determination to achieve, will only get you so far. We need each other to help us see our blind spots, to help us change our mindsets that no longer work, and to challenge old beliefs. Many of us hate to admit this, but we also need each others' fellowship, comfort and laughter to assist us on our success journey.

Improve your self-image, learn powerful leadership skills and elevate your game by investing in yourself by attending this group every other week. Oh, and of course encourage like minded others to be part of this self-improvement community.

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