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Welcome to African Entrepreneurs Mastermind.

The journey of entrepreneurship and building a business is very tough and maybe even tougher as an African Immigrant. We are constantly making compromises between pleasing our families and following our dreams, second-guessing our abilities and sometimes not feeling good enough to compete with other businesses. And that is why African Entrepreneurs Mastermind was created.

It was made to build better entrepreneurs, creatives, consultants, and freelancers from the African descent through peer-peer mentorship, coaching, and business development and support.

This group is administered by the Whizz of High Ticket Sales and Business Coach Philip n. Tete and his team. A couple of simple ground rules.

1) Be nice and no promoting your products and services without prior permission. Hey, we’re all about you being successful and marketing yourself. Just not here. This needs to be a neutral space so EVERYONE can benefit.

2) We are a community so you are encouraged to connect, engage and post your honest feelings. No bad apples and rots and no negative energy in the group. You will be banned without notice if you do.

3) While we love the principle to give before you receive, the truth is, sometimes we are in need first. So ask for support, but always look at receiving as a deposit in the bank of good will which you will repay at a later time.

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