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Enter African Rhythms! African Rhythms brings regular celebrations of African Music and the Arts and Travel. As a medium to share ideas, innovations and develop, we aim to enrich souls about the continent. To make known to the world, potentials, creativity and talents within the African culture through Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts and Travel. Through the development of district, regional, national and global events and activities, we create a tie from the remote community to the prime urban settlement of the world. You can also like us or follow us on our following social media pages for more interactive communication and education

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Organic Farm Visit with Dinner or Lunch - Place Holder to gauge interest

Organic Farm Visit with Dinner or Lunch hosted by Chef Kabui This event will be happening sometime in the fall. Posting it here to gauge interest first before any logistical planning is done. Please rsvp ONLY if you have a strong interest and will participate. If there is strong interest, logistics will be put in place and arrangements made with firm details. Thanks. About Chef Kabui: Chef Kabui is a celebrated organic chef, urban farmer and food activist from Durham, North Carolina and he brings to the table a combination of history, education and experience that has resulted in a unique perspective on food and healthy eating in America and beyond. Food in its organic form and politics came naturally to Kabui; he was born in central Kenya to a coffee farmer Mum and restaurant owner Dad. Chef Kabui studied Political Science and Philosophy Studies at Le Moyne Owens College, a historically black college in Memphis, TN. He received a dual Masters in Medical Anthropology and Urban Anthropology from the University of Memphis. After moving to North Carolina, Chef Kabui studied Anthropology and Culinary Arts from the Center of Green Studies in Pittsboro, NC. More info @ http://organicsandsound.com

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