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The old kingdoms

Afrikan's in search of classical Afrikan history is a group solely dedicated to Afrikan's or peoples of Afrikan descent who are interested in learning about and sharing their knowledge of classical Afrikan history.

The aim of this group is to bring together Afrikan's who truly want to learn about our history in order for us to establish a new dialogue about who we truly are and what we are capable of achieving.

Whether you have a limited or advanced knowledge base of pre-colonial history, this group is for you. The main criteria is that you have a thirst for knowledge of our amazing history.

We have been starved of information for too long, our access to our historical past at times carefully hidden or misrepresented.

So what is the solution? As many free history groups and platforms as possible. Sharing information is a collective responsibility and we should all want to be part of the effort to lift the veil of ignorance that unfortunately still exist, even in the information age that we are in.

Every other race understands the importance of history and ensures that they have the ability to share their history with their people generally without charge and limitations. I am saddened that the education system both at home and in the diaspora are not doing their jobs to encourage interest in our important history because our history is the worlds history. The mission is to bring free historical education to all Afrikan's who cannot afford it for the betterment of Afrika.

...HOWEVER we cannot do it alone, we need you to get involved, support however you can and if possible start your own groups, support the awakening.

You cannot complain about Afrika or the state of the black race if you are doing nothing to make it better for your people, no matter how small.

Let's do more to change our situation and restore the glory of our heritage.

Abena Serwah

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