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Let's play more games!

The Tribeca Brooklyn Game Lab (at 119 Chambers St) is open after work for folks to drop in, pull a game from our library (or bring one), meet up with other gamers and play.
Heavy Euros. Light party games. You name it -we're down to play!

And let's chat about what we can do to make this group better and Brooklyn Game Lab your friendly neighborhood hub to gather and game in Manhattan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait this is free?

Yup free to come and play board games! Things may change in the future though

How do you guys make money?

We can offer this due to our Kids programming.

What board games will be there?

We have over 150 games for you to play!

You can expect modern board & card games like Catan, Werewolf, Secret Hitler, Sagrada, Agricola and Ticket to Ride, and too many others to name. Feel free to message Hanz if you wanna play something in particular.

Can I come late?

Yes, but we highly suggest coming on time for the best experience. The nature of this meetup is that you will ideally have time to play 3 to 4 games each time.

Can I bring an original board game I invented?

We love this! If you get people interested (very easy here) get some free playtesting but be excellent about it. Let everyone know what is up and don’t hog a table purely for your game.

Can I bring a pet?

Please do not bring pets! Though we strive to create an inclusive environment, part of that is understanding that we might have people attending who are allergic to animals or even afraid of them. Also, the event can get loud and may intimidate smaller creatures. Service animals and support animals who are trained for busy environments are welcome.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We believe that the following courtesies are essential for providing a framework where people who might be strangers can enjoy each others’ company while gaming:

Respect your fellow attendees’ time:

• Try not to be absent from the table or distracted when it is your turn.

• Take cues from your tablemates about approximately how long your turn should take.

• People who are leading and teaching games should do their best to honestly predict the length of the game.

• Players should be prepared to finish the game to its conclusion. Resigning in a game that has more than 2 players often has an ill effect on the experience of the players who remain.

Respect your fellow attendees. Period!

Be excellent to each other! Ask before assuming that someone knows or doesn't know how to play a game. If the competition gets to your head and you feel like saying something rude, instead take a break out front or grab some pizza around the corner.

Upcoming events (5+)

Weekend Open Gaming!

Brooklyn Game Lab

No Birthday Parties this week so open gaming is going on. Come thru and play something long this weekend. Maybe actually finish Terraforming Mars

Game Club: ROOT Nights!

Brooklyn Game Lab

Alongside our open gaming, we have Root night on Monday! ROOT is the game of the month which means if you have the highest score in this game you will win a free copy at the end of the month or compete in a final bout dependent on the game. Highest score is determined by several factors. Turns/rounds played Point overage (since goal is 30 in this game) And faction played. As soon factions are more likely to win the others as show in this chart https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yf1kZLdlWCSBdiROvzjIZt2Zay9ec7BzyIbdybI5NE4/edit?usp=drivesdk Good luck and may the best wargamer win!

FREE Open Gaming!

Brooklyn Game Lab

Monday-Thursday from 7pm-10pm we have our free open adult gaming. Come to 119 Chambers St, Get a high five from Hanz, he'll help you find a good group of people and help you learn that game you've always wanted to play.

DND and Other RPGs!

Brooklyn Game Lab

Come my dice rollers and role players for our RPG Nights we will be running DND every Tuesday as well as other RPGs in the future. We currently have 4 DMs that are each running a table with 6 slots. COMMENT BELOW If you would like to sit a particular table please Otherwise, just RSVP! All tables are beginner friendly The DM's Hiram Smith Is running a character-driven game for beginners. Perfect for people who have some trouble with the roleplay aspect of DND. He's also debating running a module like horde of the dragon queen based on player interest. MIles Duffield A writer and actor at heart he DMs with his commitment to the descriptions and the world at a 10. An expert in theory of the mind DND, so get ready for a table with fabulous over the top combat that is perfect for beginners. David (a not DnD table) He will have a selection of RPGs that work well for one-shots but I'll also have a PbtA RPG I'm developing about going on a journey in a fantasy world that leans toward non-combat play. He'd love to run it for anyone interested in something a little different and would enjoy getting to be a performer, an artisan, a merchant, and more! Ben Would like to welcome you to The Kingdom of Zebseldka who has hired adventurers to help build and secure an outpost on the continent of Summanura. The wilderness has proven to be a fierce place, full of terrible creatures and relics of a bygone age. Pays well though! Gather your party at Zeke's Rest Stop for further details! The perfect table for those who wish to uncover every rock. Hanz Is running an evolving city campaign with steampunk elements. Sit at his table if you're looking for something a bit more traditional with a colorful cast of npc's who will be sending you on odd wonderful adventures

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Weekend Open Gaming!

Brooklyn Game Lab

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