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Hike Mt. Galbraith!
Mount Galbraith is a beautiful gem located just north of Golden. We'll hike up to 5 miles to enjoy picturesque scenery including expansive views. After the hike, if people are interested, we will select a restaurant for dinner and/or drinks. Please note the details about bringing appropriate gear and in case of bad weather in this Meetup Group's "About us..." description. BRING A HEADLAMP OR FLASHLIGHT, AND RAIN/WIND GEAR. (The sun will set at 7:54 pm on August 16, so we should be back on time...but it's good to have a light, just in case.) You may want to bring a spare pair of shoes for the restaurant after the hike in case your hiking boots get muddy. Dogs are welcome on this hike, but they must be on a leash and you must pick up after them. If you join this hike, you are agreeing to this waiver ( Google Maps appears to be accurate for this trailhead. After leaving CO-93 (Foothills Rd.), it's about 1.4 miles to the parking lot for Mt. Galbraith, which will be located on your left.

Mt Galbraith Park

21992 Golden Gate Canyon Rd · Golden, CO

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    One of the amazing things about Denver is that there are so many hiking trails nearby that after working a full day, you can do a really nice, scenic hike after work and still have time to go out for dinner afterward and get home at a reasonable hour! This Meetup Group will focus on doing that with experienced hike leaders and a friendly bunch of hikers. We'll do scenic hikes in parks in the Denver area, and after the hike those interested will go to dinner at a nearby restaurant.

    • Hikes with this group will be around 4-7 miles with elevation gain in the neighborhood of 800'-1950'. Each hike listing will state the distance and elevation gain.

    • While we'll stop periodically to regroup, if a few people are far behind, we will not wait for them. We must finish these after work hikes before the park closes (usually an hour after sunset) and to get to dinner on time, so we literally do not have time to wait for people who cannot keep up. If you can't keep up the pace, you are on your own. If you're not fast enough you'll find out early in the hike, in which case you can either turn around or do a shorter hike on your own.

    • Hiking Speed: This is a hiking group that hikes relatively fast, but we're not a trail running group. If you hike with other groups and you're one of the last to arrive at regrouping points, this group is definitely NOT for you. It's hard to find a good measure for hiking speed that everyone can understand, as what is fast for one person is slow for another, and hiking speed depends on trail conditions, steepness, etc. If you're in reasonably good shape, you can give us a try—try a local hike where we are not carpooling to the trailhead (e.g. Green Mountain, definitely not O'Fallon Park)--and if you can keep up, then welcome! If you can't keep up, you can turn around and head back to the car or hike on your own.

    From late fall to early spring, when the sun sets in the late afternoon, we continue with our after work hikes, but most of them are on Green Mountain. Green Mountain is the only park that we hike at that is open late enough during those months, as all other parks close an hour after sunset (we will occasionally do mid-afternoon hikes at other parks, usually on a Monday that is a holiday or a Friday). Green Mountain is an excellent place to hike after dark--it has great views of the city lights, has numerous different trails and multiple trailheads, and is the best place for full moon hikes. During the other months, we hike at over 20 different parks.

    This group is for ADULTS (no kids), single or married, any (adult) age. Generally, dogs will be allowed on the hikes when the park we're hiking at allows it, but dogs must be on a leash at all times and you must pick up after them. You must obey all park rules—if you do not, you will not be allowed on future hikes. As always, DO NOT SHOW UP FOR A HIKE UNLESS YOU ARE ON THE ROSTER (i.e. Yes RSVP, but not Wait Listed).

    HIKE PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BRING ADEQUATE GEAR FOR THE HIKE, including hiking boots or trail running shoes, and a pack with drinking water, rain gear, extra clothing in case it gets colder (remember that it gets cooler after sunset), a flashlight or headlamp, and maybe a first aid kit, whistle, trekking poles, insect repellant, and sunglasses. In the winter months, you may need traction devices for you boots such as Micro Spikes ( Most, but not all, of these hikes will be within cell phone range. Be aware that sometimes the trails may be muddy--you may wish to bring an extra pair of shoes to change into after the hike, esp. if you're joining us for dinner afterwards.

    IN CASE OF BAD WEATHER, we may cancel a hike late in the afternoon on the day of the hike, in which case we will update the website and send out an email to those registered. Therefore, you will need to have access to either the website and/or your emails (make sure your spam filter is not blocking emails from Generally, we'll try to make a go/no go decision at least an hour before the hike. Often, it may be raining at 5pm and clear up by 6:30pm, so it is possible we may not cancel a hike, but if we show up at the trailhead and the weather is still bad, we'd skip the hike and go straight to happy hour/dinner.

    These after-work hikes are generally safe, as they are on trail and not technically difficult. Nonetheless, to protect the event leaders, everyone participating in the hike must agree to a waiver (click here to see waiver (

    This group is the successor of the original After Work Hiking Plus! ( Meetup--that original group is now inactive and is not accepting new members. Both groups were founded by Ed White (, who turned this group over to another organizer in May 2017.

    Please remember that as the Organizer of this group, I am just a volunteer—I'm not required to do any of this and you are paying nothing for it. Please be respectful of the hike leaders and other participants.

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