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Have you written a novel but it's not getting the attention or reviews you'd like? Receiving REJECTIONS from agents and/or publishers?

Are you in the process of writing and have hit a wall with no clue what to write next?

Unsure what a POV drift means or how to correct it? What about SCENES and/or SEQUELS?

The above are just some of the questions and techniques we'll cover in our new workshop series dedicated to the CRAFT OF WRITING. This series is dedicated to COMMERCIAL fiction, or better known as Genre or Popular Fiction. If you'd like to write Literary Fiction, some of the same rules may not apply, such as Pacing. But for genre fiction, such as mystery, suspense, romance, horror, etc, you need to learn the craft of writing.


Class 1 Sept 9: FREE Introductory class. Bring, pen, paper, notepad, iPad or laptop. During this first class of the series, we'll discuss:

What exactly is a novel? "Write what you know" - a writer’s mantra or hogwash? We'll go over your brief summaries of your novel ideas or even a brief synopsis of the novel you’re writing. We’ll discuss any problems you might be having.

You may have a natural talent for writing, but will that talent lead to a successful book? A contract? Most pro writers learn and apply their knowledge. Today, natural talent isn't enough. Even naturally-talented artists, and concert pianists take lessons and practice, usually for years, before they become professional. So must a writer. Remember, writing is a profession. If you long to see your book in print, you must treat it as such.

This first meeting of this new series is FREE. You'll learn about the upcoming monthly classes. You'll receive an informal syllabus of subjects on the craft which will better your chances of writing a successful novel. Some of the topics covered in the series will be:

Character development. How to avoid cardboard characters.
From outline to plot line: How to create a simple outline without driving yourself crazy. No more messy index cards covering your desk, table, and/or floors
A novel's 3 Act Structure. Learn what's needed in each act. We'll break it down even further in our plotting/structure sessions.
Scene & Sequel, the building blocks of your novel.
How to write narrative POV - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. What about omniscient point of view?
And more.

Led by multi-published author & writing coach, Brenda Hill.

"I've signed with 2 agents in my career and had contracts with several publishers. Most provided advances, each approximately four figures. I also indie published my first paranormal novel when my last agent retired. I'll teach what I've learned from various classes and have used successfully. I'll do everything I can during these classes to help you learn the craft according to professional industry standards."

The classes will be conducted as round-robin, which means you may sign up for one class or each succeeding class, depending on what you'd like to learn. You MUST prepay before attending.

We'll meet at Bob's Big Boy in Calimesa, right off the I-10 and Calimesa Blvd in their PRIVATE back room. Our WRITER TO AUTHOR WORKSHOP series meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.

See you there!

Brenda Hill - Host, Instructor