What we're about

This group is founded on the belief that civilized people like to sleep in on weekends, and lead their active lives in the afternoon. Hiking is not only exercise, it's also a great chance to socialize in pleasant surroundings.

The early bird can have the stupid worm because mornings and worms suck.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance... The five stages of waking up.

I LOVE SLEEPING It's just like being dead, without the commitment.

Guys, hiking meetups are generally 70-80% female, and a great way to get to know people. As the leader, I can't fall back and talk to anyone I please, but even then, before I was married, most of my girlfriends (including my wife) I met on hikes. Hiking is a golden dating opportunity for guys so I encourage the fellows to sign up and attend.

Suggestions for new routes are welcome, but will only be considered if the hike is at least 4 miles long and an appropriate restaurant at the end of the path is recommended.  Requirements for the restaurant is that it must be able to handle a group of at least 12 people, and it must be willing to do separate checks with each person paying with their own credit card.  Routes within Metrocard range with a lot of greenery or bridges along the way are preferred.

COVID Policy:
As organizer, I have to set COVID policy for this group. I last took biology in 9th grade and have decided to just defer to the advice of the CDC for this group. There is little risk of spread of COVID while outside, so we don't require vaccination or masks to attend hikes. Once we go inside the restaurant together for dinner at the end of the hike, we do require vaccination to sit with the group, and the organizer will check proof of vaccination. This is not subject to debate. https://tinyurl.com/AftCOVID While I am normally in favor of free speech, a hiking meetup event where 70 people get spammed with an email every time some idiot says something stupid about how the CDC and Big Pharma are engaged in an evil conspiracy to get us all is not the proper forum for a debate about biology.

Anyone who argues on the meetup to change the COVID policy will be thrown out of the group.

We don't announce the restaurants on the website because we don't want people skipping the hike and just showing up at the restaurant. This is a hiking meetup, not a dining one. If you are interested in a dinner / discussion meetup, see my other meetups at https://www.meetup.com/3topics/ (general politics & science) and https://www.meetup.com/Fans-of-Capitalism/ (economics) -- but bear in mind there is assigned reading for both of those meetups, and 3 Topics usually fills up at least 3 weeks in advance.

Past events (117)

5.5 Mile Flushing Meadows Hike

Mets - Willets Point Train Station

6.6 Mile Central Park Hike & Dinner

7th Avenue & Central Park South

6.5 Mile Herald Square to Battery Park Hike


9 Mile 4 Island, 4 Bridges and a Cable Car Hike & Beer Garden

1st Avenue & East 60th Street