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This group is founded on the belief that civilized people like to sleep in on weekends, and lead their active lives in the afternoon. Hiking is not only exercise, it's also a great chance to socialize in pleasant surroundings.




Suggestions for new routes are welcome, but will only be considered if the hike is at least 4 miles long and an appropriate restaurant at the end of the path is recommended. Requirements for the restaurant is that it must be able to handle a group of at least 12 people, and it must be willing to do separate checks with each person paying with their own credit card. Routes within Metrocard range with a lot of greenery or bridges along the way are preferred.

We don't announce the restaurants on the website because we don't want people skipping the hike and just showing up at the restaurant. This is a hiking meetup, not a dining one. If you are interested in a dinner / discussion meetup, see my other meetups at https://www.meetup.com/3topics/ (general politics & science) and https://www.meetup.com/Fans-of-Capitalism/ (economics) -- but bear in mind there is assigned reading for both of those meetups, and 3 Topics usually fills up at least 3 weeks in advance.

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5 Mile Three Bridges Hike

West of the Marcy Ave Subway Stop on J/M/Z Subway

We'll walk across the Wiliamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn bridges, and end with dinner in Chinatown. The hike will end at the Brooklyn Bridge / Chambers St stop on the 4/5/6/J/Z subways, then those interested will continue on about a dozen blocks to dinner in Chinatown. We should be arriving at the restaurant around 4:45pm. The restaurant is Sichuan Chinese, and are willing to do separate checks for us. Sunset will be at 5:15pm. Originally I was going to do the bridges in the other order and eat in Williamsburg, but it turns out that I didn't like any of the restaurants I tried in Williamsburg. So we'll be eating in Chinatown. It gets windy on the bridges, and on the Williamsburg and Brooklyn bridges your hat might blow off and land on subway tracks or a road where you can't recover it. It's best to do this hike in the cold months, even though it's cold and windy on the bridges, because the Brooklyn Bridge is practically impassibly mobbed by tourists any other time. Attendance at this event is free, and all participants attend at their own risk. By attending, you agree to a release waiver that basically gives up any right whatsoever to sue, to the fullest extent possible by law. You can read the current draft of this waiver at http://bluejacket7.com/legal/WalkingWaiver.doc

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6 Mile Brooklyn Bridge Hike

The fountain at the park

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