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ann l.



Austin, TX

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Jan 22, 2019

Are you an active woman over 55 residing in Austin area for at least part of year? Do you have a friend in AAAW who can recommend you & who? (NOT REQUIRED)

I don't know any present members.

Are you interested in any outdoor activities ranging from casual walking or kayaking to patio dining? What are some of your current main interests to do as group?


Are you willing to travel to mostly south or central Austin for majority of AAAW meet ups? Also are you retired or have flexible schedule for some weekday activities?


Are you aware that AAAW is for active or semi-active members only meaning you must attend at least one AAAW meet up every few months to remain a member?


Are you using your real first name & a recent photo of YOUR face as your AAAW profile picture? (REQUIRED)

yes. can my meet-up picture be used?