What we're about

Being an agile coach or scrum master is a lot like being a team counselor. Our teams often experience change as a traumatic event and grief over transformation can be quite common. Let’s come together in MoCo and share and experiment with ways to help our teams overcome their traumatic agile experiences, and counsel each other past our own agile trauma.

We’re creating this meetup as a safe space to vent your agile challenges, and experiment with your agile ideas, no pushing a framework, no judgements here, no agile agitators, just a positive, celebratory, free thinking agile space. We aim to build a trusting agile support community for MoCo agilists.

We are looking for a venue to host our first event to talk mindset and air grievances! Let me know if you know of a company that might offer space on a weekday evening. We are looking to get started in March or April.

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