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Our Purpose is 'to inspire the agile community to excellence through learning, thought leadership, and embracing the agile mindset and values '

We are a community of agile practitioners (and those interested) that regularly get-together to explore agile topics and thinking.

Join in on the fun and help collectively lift the agile capability in Auckland.

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Collaboration Workbook Session

Online event

For the last few years, Ed Wong and Craig Brown have been diving into what Collaboration really means, collecting stories and responses to surveys, with the aim of discovering patterns across our industry. In this session, we will work through a Collaboration workbook where participants think about Collaboration via a series of different lenses. We will ask ourselves what collaboration means to us and share our stories of great collaborations we have been a part of. We will also look at aggregated data from previous sessions conducted in Australia and elsewhere. We are going to present this data at the Lean Agile Exchange event in September. Themes: Collaboration, Culture, Communication, International, Data, Research IMPORTANT: we will be trying out a new Australian developed video conferencing system called Video Facilitator. You’ll need to use a Chromium-based browser (such as Google Chrome, Opera, Brave or Microsoft Edge). Mobile devices can connect once you have downloaded the Jitsi Meet app, which you will be prompted to install. Meeting link : https://meet.videofacilitator.com/join/anywhere?id=0ac0bdfd0deb4ab08f3efa6a654d9bb6 Password: meetup-here

Own it, or own sh*t: ownership for leaders

GridAKL / John Lysaght

Over more than 93% of organisations invest in organisational change. Did you know that 74% of all change initiatives fail? What makes one organisation a success story and the other one a complete failure? What's keeping leadership from transforming their organisation? All the models, frameworks, ways of working: it needs to stop for a second. Why more than 74% of organisations fail from transforming their ways of working has nothing to do with the wrong framework implementation or bad adoption of Scrum. If you are wondering why agile transformations keep failing at an alarming rate: we have an answer. In this session, we'll take you on a discovery of true ownership and reveal the key element missing in organisational change. In 1999 the blockbuster 'The Matrix' introduced us to a really simple concept: the ‘Red pill’ and the ‘Blue pill’. The Red pill represents the uncertain future. The Blue pill represents a beautiful prison; a life of ignorance and confined comfort. We believe that businesses today are in need of red pills. Something that will show the reality without the lingo, bull and fake news you have handed so far. And after that, it will put you back in the driver seat, allowing you to change to your best insight and interest. The speakers Coming from the Netherlands, Bartwin van der Pols and Marcella Koopman have seen a lot of European organisations trying to change. As consultants and coaches, they have been part of the success stories and failures. They believe in the need for organisational Red Pills: honest messages that will challenge your reality.

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AGM & Panel Discussion - Agile Myths

GridAKL / John Lysaght

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