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Mob Programming

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It is our great pleasure to have a special guest, one of our Agile Professional who will be presenting in South Africa this March Mark Pearl. Mark will be presenting on Mob Programing. Intrigued?

What is Mob Programming?

For those not familiar with Mob Programming, it is a new software development technique where a group of people work at one computer solving one problem. It accentuates face-to-face communication, team alignment, collaboration, collective code ownership and flow to name a few. The outcome of Mob Programming is outstanding software produced by teams, this includes:

· Fewer defects

· Increased flow

· Reduced key man dependencies

· Increased learning

· Better code

· More fun

To learn more about it be at the session.

About Mark Pearl:

Mark Pearl, a dev lead at MYOB, has offered to share some of the experiences his team has had over the last 6 months with adopting Mob Programming as their primary development approach. He'll cover the benefits, techniques they have used, and some of the challenges they’ve faced.

See you all at the session.


Agile Auckland Team
AUT - WG 901 Lecture Theatre
55 Wellesley St · Auckland
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