AGM & Continuous Delivery - Agile's missing manual


AGM & Continuous Delivery - Agile's missing manual

Our AGM is coming up and we promise to provide an opportunity to have your say but also to not bore you with the traditional AGM! We will share Agile Auckland's current position and purpose, along with the current committee members and seek your input.

Following AGM, Hady will share the drivers that made Xero consider Continuous Delivery (CD) and the value added to the business systems. Traditional agile methods makes very light requirement on how software should be released and how frequently. CD is a more prescriptive software engineering approach that enables teams to release more frequently into the hands of users, safely, quickly and in a sustainable way.

Hady will then elaborate on the culture and practices that underpin implementation of CD, and the changes that Xero had to undergo as an organisation to make deployments a predicable, routine affair that can be performed on demand with a warm cup of tea in hand.

A litte bit about Hady

Hady is a software engineer with a great passion for development. In his role as Development Manager at Xero, his focus is to build and empower effective product teams that can continually improve and delivery value to customers. Feel free to find more about Hady on

See you all there:)

Bhargavi Kotte