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Comunidad ágil de Barcelona. En este grupo nos reunimos para compartir conocimientos y experiencias relacionados con agile y el uso de metodologías ágiles.

Si quieres participar en la conversación dentro de la comunidad, en la realización de actividades, proponer, opinar, compartir, crear, etc... no dudes en

1. Apuntarte a nuestro canal de slack. Para acceder, entra en https://agilespainslack.herokuapp.com/ , solo tienes que poner la dirección de correo y recibirás una auto-invitación para el slack de agile-spain. Una vez dentro, encontraras las conversaciones de agilebcn en el canal #barcelona :)

2. darte de alta en el googlegroup de la comunidad https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/agile-spain-barcelona

Ven, únete y comparte. Somos comunidad!

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Work scenarios for Teams


Do you want to know how Microsoft Teams can help you and your teams to work better even with no co-located teams? The development of new technologies has generated new ways of working and collaborating with co-located teams and also remote Teams. That involves new needs that allow working remotely, as the use together of chat, video calling, files, and apps into a shared workspace. During this session, we will simulate real work scenarios using MS Teams where Teams can improve their productivity and performance independently where they are. Agenda: 18:30 - 19:30 – Teams talk 19:30 – 20:30 - Networking (with pizzas)

The reality of decentralized orgs - scale, trust, and flow of information

Decentralized organizations are on the rise wherever people are aware of the demands in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world. To be more responsive, resilient and competitive, all one needs to do is decentralise and let decisions be made on lower levels of the organisations. Yet, in reality, it's not as easy as it sounds. The more decentralized teams are, the more attention we have to pay attention to flow of information and trust between individuals and between teams, and to clarity on the purpose of the organisation. In this presentation, Ted Rau, operational leader of Sociocracy For All and co-author of the 2018 handbook Many Voices One Song. Shared Power with Sociocracy will talk about doable changes in structure, mindset and power dynamics to support happier people in more productive organizations. Following Teds presentation Vincent van der Lubbe (executive coach/trainer, and former Chair of Sociocracy for All) and David Bovill (Partnership Manager DEIP) will do a 10 minute presentation on a series of follow on workshops / conversations around the challenges of decentralised organisations. We will collect and prioritise topics before breaking out into World cafe type sessions - with summaries recorded - with the participants sharing and building on their experiences and challenges. Important: to attend this meetup, please register on https://www.meetup.com/S3-Barcelona/events/265545170/

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