Agile Barcelona Open Space - February 2018

Agile-Barcelona Meetup
Agile-Barcelona Meetup
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This event will be held in English, more info in the following description :)

We like to share. It's that simple. I can't think of a better reason, or that we need some other reason. We are eager to see each other, to converse, to exchange opinions, to learn from each other, to make community. And we believe that an Open Space is the best way to do it, so if you feel like it, come, join us and share!

In this edition, something will be special and different from previous ones. As you can infer from this description, we want to do it in English!! in order to allow everyone to join. Spanglish sessions are welcome ;) we're not the Oxford English Language evaluation comitee, so if your english is not the best don't worry and don't feel shame, no one will mind about it, ok?

What is Open Space?

An Open Space is an open conference format, where there is no fixed agenda, but it is generated and defined among all attendees to the event. Anyone can propose a session, whether it is a dominated topic or a topic from which they would like to learn more, and regardless of the format of the session (a technical, debating, masterful, etc.). At the beginning of the day, the agenda is constructed with the proposals of the attendees. Open Spaces are governed by four principles, and one law.

The four principles

Whatever happens is the only thing that could happen: it is better not to worry about what might have happened but to focus on what is happening now.When you start, you start: any time you start is the right time, the clock can inhibit creativity and learning; when you finish, it ends: the collective process and creativity has its own rhythms, sometimes you use more time or less than expected.

A Law

The Law of Two Feet is that anyone has the freedom to move from one group to another at any time during the event. If someone is in a group where they do not find the possibility to learn or contribute something, they are responsible for using their two feet to move to another group where they believe they can.

Why attend?

Attending Open Space may be a good opportunity for you:

Exchange experiences and meet other people with your same interests

Learn about agile methodologies

Do networking

Where is it held?

Once again, the people of Netmind ( have firecracked it and open its facilities at 123 Almogàvers Street, in Barcelona so that we can carry out the event. Thank you Netmind!!

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! all the community's activities are non-profit making, totally free of charge, organized by Agile-Barcelona in collaboration with Netmind (, which gives away its space free of charge for the realization of the same.

What are your hours?

The event will last the whole day of Saturday, from 9:30h to 18:00h.

Can I make a contribution?

Yeah. Yeah. We don't function well without caffeine. Neither theine. Oh, and cookies. General food. That's why we would like to have coffee and snacks available throughout the event. And we believe that experimenting with self-organized coffee can work. There will be a break scheduled at noon for lunch, there are enough bars and restaurants in the area to feed us all. But there will be NO coffee break scheduled, everyone will decide their best time during the morning or afternoon. As many times as I want. Please note in the list you can find here ( what you agree to bring (5 coffee capsules, a packet of cookies, half a dozen apples, 1/2 kg of sugar, saccharin, juice...) and we will all enjoy a snack breakfast available throughout the day. Look at what's already on the list, what you think is missing, or what you want to bring. I'm sure there'll be plenty of leftovers, and there'll be others. It doesn't matter. It's important to self-organize and learn. Some of the things we come up with that we're going to need (but there's sure to be a lot more...): coffee capsules, Nespresso machines, water kettle, tea bags, water, napkins, plastic cups, plastic spoons, fruit, juice, paper tablecloths, cookies, crackers, salt pastes, nuts,...

Apart from coffee, all you need is willingness to learn, share experiences and have fun!!