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"Agile has become overly decorated. Let’s scrape away those decorations for a minute, and get back to the heart of agile." -- Dr. Alistair Cockburn

Soledad Pinter - Heart of Agile Partner & Consultant- will bring an introductory and interactive talk on the basics of Heart of Agile.

You want to change the world.
Whatever your initiative, it involves changing the world just a little bit. The world, however, is remarkably resistant to interventions. The best ideas fail because of misunderstandings of how the world will react, or because of errors in implementation.

The Heart of Agile simplifies two decades of practice into four critical imperatives that amplify your effectiveness:
- Collaborate
- Deliver
- Reflect
- Improve

The four words help us to focus our energies on critical actions.
At the same time, this simplification opens the door to many new and interesting ways of implementing each one of them.

Join us in the exploration.

About the speaker:
Soledad is an agile consultant, coach and trainer with more than 25 years of experience. She has given keynotes and orientations on the Heart of Agile on several continents, using an informal and interactive presentation style. Sole is driven by her passion for helping organizations, teams and people to become better at their every day work.

Co-organiser: Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse
Location sponsored by SThree Belgium