What we're about

Is your Biotech team or organization struggling with culture, effectiveness, communication, or motivation? Come join us and explore how Agile values and practices (traditionally used in software development) can be effective when applied to the field of biotechnology. Our content will be aimed at biotech professionals interested in team dynamics and continuous team and process improvement, as well as Agile practitioners interested in experimenting in new fields, specifically around biotech, pharma, and life sciences startups. Professionals or students of all levels and abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend. Bring a friend!

We're just starting out. For our first few meetings, expect to come and participate in discussion and group conversations as well as presentations and case studies from thought leaders in the Agile and Biotech fields. Please stay tuned for more details!

Upcoming events (1)

Agile Biotech Boston Kickoff Meeting!

Kendall Square

It's time to kick off the first meeting of Agile Biotech Boston! Our first event will go as follows: - Introductions: Who are your hosts, why are we here? Who are YOU? Why are you here? What is your experience with Agile practices? - Agile 101: What have we learned so far about Agile values and practices as applied to Laboratory teams. We'll do a brief presentation on what Agile is and how labs have adopted this mindset. - Open Space (meetup-driven discussion topics): What are your questions? What are you hoping to discuss or learn with ABB? Following the Open Space, we'll close with networking and continue our discussions at a local watering hole. Location TBD based on the number of RSVP's. Expect something in the Kendall Square area. We can't wait to meet you!