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Agile Connect is a Community of Interest, meaning, a community of people who are passionate about and share Lean & Agile as their common interests, with the following purposes:

- Share knowledge, experiences and new ideas.
- Foster networking and strengthen relationships.
- Support practitioners throughout their Agile journey.

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36th Porto Meetup - Facilitative Leadership

Celfocus Porto

Hello folks! Here comes our 36th Agile Connect Porto community meetup! Agenda: • Welcome • Facilitative Leadership - Pt1 • Coffee-break & Networking • Facilitative Leadership - Pt1 • Closing "What's facilitative leadership and how remote work immensely benefits from it?" The convergence of two driving forces, the need for remote collaboration and the growing adoption of cross-departmental teams and group work have created a market space for a number of digital tools for remote collaboration (Mural, Nureva Span, GroupMap among others). Since the 90s I have been using these digital tools for group facilitation, that strongly impact meeting effectiveness and employee engagement. However, the ‘secret sauce’ is to adopt a leadership style that empowers the actual team to become self-led. The goal is to have an active experimentation session, a living lab, where a number of group processes will be virtually hosted, focusing on group problem solving and decision-making. In the end, participants will be reflecting about the experience, learning how group facilitation values can help them become facilitative leaders. What you will learn? * Experience the dynamics of group problem-solving and decision-making in a remote team. * Understand how a digital tool for virtual facilitation (GroupMap) can support the above. * Learn more about the values of group facilitation and their impact in a more effective team leadership. About Paulo Nunes de Abreu (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nunesdea/) he is a collaboration architect. His unique skill-set is forged along more than 25 years of work experience in several top-executive management positions in different sorts of organizations and job functions ranging from organizational psychology to strategic management. In September 2018, he started col.lab (https://www.architectingcollaboration.com/about-col-lab), where he works with managers, trainers, teachers and group facilitators interested in achieving extraordinary results with group facilitation and digital tools for visual collaboration and decision-making. --- Obs.: After the event we traditionally go some restaurant nearby to have dinner and keep talking about the workshop or anything else. Feel free to join us ;-) This event is FREE to attend, but you have to register yourself first. See you there & bring a friend!

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35th Porto Meetup - Design Thinking 101

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