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Bart den Haak from Amsterdam will explain how OKRs can close the gap between strategy and agile teams to drive employee engagement and performance and what role organizational structure and culture play here.

Remote per Zoom:

bio: Bart den Haak was a software engineer, lead architect and agile coach for more than 20 years. During his career, he found out that many organizations could achieve extraordinary results if everyone in the company understands the strategic business objectives. He strongly believes that people need to understand and to see progress towards a single higher goal in order to feel appreciated, motivated, relevant and to be happy in life.

Today, as the founder of "Moving the needle" he helps tech companies to define their most important company needle. To move the needle, he works with executives, senior management and lean/agile (software) teams to strengthen their current way of working with state-of-the-art goal execution methods like OKRs. Bart regularly speaks about these topics on public conferences or private in-house events.