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Building a Leadership Backlog

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Building a Leadership Backlog


Please note we are meeting on the 3rd Thursday in October instead of the second. Scrum Alliance will be hard at work at the Gathering - London during our normal week.

We love having Christen McLemore as our speaker. She presents in a fun, down to earth way. She shares practical information you can take to work and experiment with. Join us as she shares her presentation from Agile Camp in NYC on 9/24/18. Can't wait to hear her knowledge on this topic!

Presentation Description:
During a transformation, teams report issues that they don't have control to fix and leaders are needed to intervene. We need a way to elevate, own and report on the progress on resolving these by building a leadership backlog that provides transparency on priorities and focus for our leaders.

Christen's Bio:
It was exciting to finally get my dream job at Rally after we've been "courting" each other since 2008. To be in the transformational world full time has been my goal for a long time and to coach with my peers and mentors at Rally is icing on the cake. Now that CA has acquired Rally, I'm part of a larger family.
My focus is showing others how to embrace their inner Change Agent while channeling my inner Super Nanny and Tony Robbins.

6:00 - 6:30 Enjoy food and drinks while mingling
6:30 - 6:45 Quick announcements and Job search discussion. If you
are looking and you can target 2 companies you are
interested in, please come prepared to share with the
groups. Never know who is in the audience and who they
6:45 - 8:00 Presentation and then clean up.

7403 Church Ranch Blvd. #110 · Westminster, co