May Monthly Meeting CANCELED - Attend MHA19!

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There is no monthly meetup this month (May) - we will see everyone at Mile High Agile 2019!

May 29 and May[masked]

Denver, Colorado | Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center!


Being fierce is to show heartfelt and powerful intensity. These are qualities we bring to our jobs every day we work. We are fiercely protective of our teams–pushing ourselves to be better, to reach for things we didn’t think were possible, to trust, work, and play hard with our teams. We are fiercely protective of our organizations–all of our co-workers deserve that same trust, protection and ability to dream the impossible. In its infancy, Agile was about being fierce. It’s possible that we’ve lost touch with the movement–the intensity behind what we were meant to protect. Mile High Agile 2019 hopes to bring us all back to the heart of Agile. Will you be fierce with us?

Our past seven conferences have sold out, with 900 total attendees in 2018, and our Agile Denver membership is over 2,400 professionals and growing. The goal of Mile High Agile is to elevate the state of agile practices, educating a wide audience from novices to gurus, technical professionals to business executives.

Mile High Agile 2019 will be the premier regional gathering of Agile and Lean practitioners and a unique opportunity for companies to network with an expected audience of 1000 attendees, partners, and talented professionals in IT, software, management, and beyond.

Mile High Agile 2019 has six separate tracks, each with their own specific focus:

Be Fierce … standing on the edge
This track is dedicated to leading thought in the industry.

Be Fierce … learning something new
Agilists know the power of helping teams learn by doing, so this workshop track is intended on taking that concept and applying it to the Agile practitioner.

Be Fierce … managing your career
For those of you new to Agile, or looking for the next step in your career, this track aims to help you!

Be Fierce … envisioning your product
This track is for attendees who are interested in learning more about product ownership or management and is intended on focusing on how to inspire with product vision, while also being practical about getting the work done.

Be Fierce … stepping into Agile
This track is intended on providing solid content that will help launch new practitioners (and those of us who have been around for a while and are looking for fresh perspectives) into success.

Be Fierce … building your technical chops
Many new agilists lack confidence in the technical underpinnings of teams. Does this mean they can’t understand the concerns and challenges technical teams face daily? This track is to help build that bridge–to educate non-techies so they can become better allies for development teams.

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