What we're about

The Agile community in Mississauga is growing and there is the need to have a hub where agile enthusiast, newbies and friends of agility can huddle to discuss topics that matters to them. The meetup occurs first Wednesday of every other month.

Agile Dialogue Mississauga’s mission is to promote agile software development concepts such as those set forth in the Agile Manifesto (agilemanifesto.org (http://agilemanifesto.org/)), to create a forum for the exchange of agile practice, and to create opportunities for the professional development of agilists.

We invite you to join us, share your ideas and learn from others. We have ideas lined us and will share with the public when the time is right.

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You can join our slack channel for real-time conversation about agile. Click on the link to join http://bit.ly/2sPW4dt

Past events (21)

Jesse Fewell:Personal Feedback Loops–Applying agility 2 your professional growth

This event has passed

Ask Me Anything: Diving Deeper into Agile Fluency® Suite with Diana Larsen

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Awesome way to create amazing relationships at worK& life-Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

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Webinar- Cultural Debt: Quincy Jordan

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