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For all those Enthusiasts whose mission is to leading change, deliver value through human activity, technology and innovation. Whether you have experience with adopting an Agile mindset, a DevOps operating model, or a combination of the two. If you are looking to be part of a vibrant community always on the look for better ways to share ideas worth spreading, deliver high-quality value, this is the group for you.

Agile Evangelists is an endorsed Scrum Alliance User Group and sponsored by Agile Alliance.

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What type of intelligence are you cultivating as a Leader?

✨This quick share allows you to explore the nine forms of intelligence (theory of multiple intelligences) and understand how each one of them plays an integral role in determining the multi-dimensional form of leadership that we tend to evolve into. It also dives into intelligence and how it has played a crucial role, though biased in pre-determining the capability of leaders. Now more than ever, leaders or aspiring leaders need to understand how the different modalities in intelligence play out and have an impact on the teams they work with. Understanding them gives us the power as individuals to control the effect of the most powerful language - words. ​​​​​​​✨About the speaker - Gaganbir A highly accomplished and knowledgeable senior business and IT transformation professional with 23+ years of multi-faceted business & IT consulting experience spanning Retail, CPG, Banking & Financial services, Insurance, Data and Analytics, Energy and Utilities. Expertise has him enabling, transforming & implementing SAFe, LeSS, DAD, Nexus, Scrum, Agnostic agile frameworks combined with shift left automation, cognitive AI, deep tech stack development, infrastructure services, on cloud/non cloud platforms for agile build and run. Deep experience in leading transformations creating and enabling value based organisation design and associated change management. Creator of The ThinkStack© & UNITY© framework integrating people in the change journey by utilizing a blend of cognitive, rational and systems thinking for creating high performance organisations. International speaker. Columnist at The Innovation on Leadership. Lean Sensei, Cognitive behaviour specialist, Master Black Belt and Existential coach. ✨SEU: As a Scrum Alliance endorsed User group you will earn 1 SEU's for this event towards renewing your Scrum Alliance Certifications.

Right to Left - Mike Burrows

Online event

If you had to describe an Agile process, where would you start: “from the left”, with a backlog of work to plough through, or “from the right. ✨About this Event The difference does indeed matter (a lot!); we’ll see that learning to describe and introduce Agile and its frameworks “from the right” brings considerable benefits. And it’s not hard – we can all do it! ✨We are delighted to be hosting (via Zoom) Agendashift founder Mike Burrows. Mike works at the intersection of Lean-Agile, strategy, and organisation development in the pursuit of the ‘wholehearted’ organisation. He is the author of Right to Left: the digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile (2019), Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (2018), and the classic Kanban from the Inside (2014). He is recognised for his pioneering work in Lean, Agile, and Kanban and his advocacy for participatory and outcome-oriented approaches to change, transformation, and strategy. Prior to his consulting career, Mike was a global development manager and Executive Director at a top tier investment bank, and CTO for an energy risk management startup. More recently, he served as an interim delivery manager for two UK government digital ‘exemplar’ services. He joined the advisory board of the Open Leadership Network on its formation in 2019. ✨✨✨✨ YOU MUST REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE TO GET THE LINK TO THE ZOOM MEETING FOR THIS EVENT✨✨✨✨ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/right-to-left-mike-burrows-tickets-124344980183?ref=eios ✨SEU: As a Scrum Alliance endorsed User group you will earn 1 SEU's for this event towards renewing your Scrum Alliance Certifications.

Music as coaching asset with Michelangelo

Online event

🍎The event: Metaphors and Games are undisputed assets of any coaching style, but what about music! Music is one of the most underrated tools which can bring tangible benefits for self and team growth, improve focusing, facilitating understanding through a different metaphor type. Through the busyness and life, music has been in my soul helping my clients and me along my way, and it got me thinking about the role of music in my work and how I use it as a tool to empower and support me along whatever journey I am on. ➡️In this live event, I will introduce music as a coaching asset for different types of systemic interventions. ➡️How to adopt music in workshops, individual and group coaching sessions, or teaching classes. ➡️There will be practical labs to experiment and try out different solutions and enjoy a coaching session with ease.  Recommended to pair with a headset 🎧 or good speakers 🔊 for better audio ✨About Michelangelo: I am a former entrepreneur with a natural aptitude towards people and beauty. An early adopter of Agile with over two decades of experience in multicultural environments, startup, utility, manufacturing, telco, retail and financial institutions. I work as a professional Agile Systemic Coach, Speaker and Facilitator; coaching individuals and teams, English as well as native Italian speakers. My approach in integrating Agile and Systemic Coaching brings to life passions and creativity, inspiring, creating and sustaining organisational health. https://michelangelocanonico.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelangelocanonico/ ✨SEU: As a Scrum Alliance endorsed User group you will earn 1 SEU's for this event towards renewing your Scrum Alliance Certifications.

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