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When you want to create big things and the burden on a single scrum team comes unbearable, it's time to scale. But how to stay agile in a bigger organization? How to transform enterprises from traditional project mindset to agile one?

One thing is for sure, there is no silver bullet. But let's explore the alternatives, share ideas and thoughts on these matters. Whether you're interested in methodologies (LeSS, SAFe, DAD, Kanban, younameit) or in tools, tips and tricks, we welcome you to join!

Agile Finland ry is a non-profit association of software professionals. The purpose of Agile Finland is to raise the public's awareness of Agile Software Development, advance the use of Agile and increase it's members' Agile knowhow. Agile Finland ry organizes conferences, seminars, and other events that bring together members of the Agile community and top speakers from around the world.

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DevOps enabling Agility at Scale

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Agile Portfolio Management

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Agile Transformation in a Medical Device Company

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