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We're getting together to talk about games, try them out, find new ones, and develop facilitation skills that beat the pack. We believe that gamification of agile and lean methods can help transmit, refine and develop the lean agile mindset and generate a deep understanding for you and your teams.

We plan to meet bi-monthly in central London to talk about, and play, serious games for lean agile thinkers and practitioners.

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Playing to your strengths with StrongSuits® by Ryan Behrman

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Employees who have managers who focus on their strengths are more likely to feel engaged and energized at work (Ref. The Gallup Organisation).

There is significant evidence that innovation in teams actually comes from diversity of strengths rather than individual competencies, and that acknowledging each other’s strengths and communication styles helps to build environments that are psychologically safe. This has profound implications for developing ourselves as emotionally intelligent team members, managers and leaders who understand and can coach individuals and teams to play to their strengths, but also for us to understand where those strengths can become limitations and where we can get in our own way.

Our first event of 2023 by Ryan Behrman will draw on science from positive psychology and systemic fields that underpin StrongSuits®, a strengths-based team and personal development tool that uses playing cards and games to help teams have fun and feel energised whilst generating high-impact conversations about how people behave and how they can develop.

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Play Elevation of Privilege with Adam Shostack

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