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We're getting together to talk about games, try them out, find new ones, and develop facilitation skills that beat the pack. We believe that gamification of agile and lean methods can help transmit, refine and develop the lean agile mindset and generate a deep understanding for you and your teams.

We plan to meet bi-monthly in central London to talk about, and play, serious games for lean agile thinkers and practitioners.

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I play Jack of Privacy: playing cards for data protection by design #LeedsDigi20

Mark Vinkovits will be introducing a simple and structured way to help your teams identify the way your systems might let down users, compromise their privacy, and violate GDPR rules. The Elevation of Privilege card game has become a widely-deployed tool for security and development teams. Mark saw a need for technical discussions in product delivery teams to be formalized, repeatable, and documented. He created the Privacy suit in the Elevation of Privilege card game to make common privacy errors understandable for engineers. Allowing them to take actions to address the highest privacy risks. By the end of this session, practitioners will have a new toolset to include security and privacy into their development processes. About Mark Vinkovits Mark has worked as a software, security, and privacy engineer over the past decade. Since his research in user centered computing, he has been arguing that human behavior, beliefs, and motivations cannot be excluded from the design of any solution being designed for actual users. This is true for software systems, security solutions, and privacy programs as well. Currently based in Budapest, Mark helps start-ups getting their data protection game in order. Mark's cards are available to buy at an exclusive discount for Meetup members. Enter code MEETUP20 at checkout. Offer valid until 31st October 2020 - https://agilestationery.co.uk/products/elevation-of-privilege-with-privacy-suit This event is 1 of 3 events we are organising as part of Leeds Digital Festival this year. Follow us on twitter @agilestationery for regular updates! Event Details: When: Oct 1,[masked]:00 PM London Topic: I Play Jack of Privacy: playing cards for data protection by design Please click the link below to join the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83458868095 Or iPhone one-tap : US: [masked],,[masked]# or [masked],,[masked]# Or Telephone: Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: [masked] or [masked] or [masked] or [masked] or [masked] or [masked] Webinar ID:[masked] International numbers available: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdSeSMH0rO For more information about our cybersecurity games, visit https://cybersecurity-games.com/

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