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What we’re about

Join us for the launch of the BRAND NEW Agile Games Indy!


Agile Games Indy is a brand-new monthly meetup, featuring a particular game that covers a concept that Agilists can learn and benefit from. We've designed these meetups to be informal, informative, and full of organic opportunities to gain insights from others in the Agile community.

Agile Games Indy is NOT a lecture series. Hands-on learning is not only suggested, it’s REQUIRED. There will be a slew of opportunities to meet other guests, and we promise you'll get to know more about each than just names and titles. We'll kick off with structured networking to get your brain flowing as to how we can together empower our efforts with Agile. We'll then play the game, and lastly, talk about how you can apply what we've learned from the activity directly to your Agile teams and organizations.


5:30pm - 6:00pm | Focused Networking / Enjoy Resfreshments
6:00pm - 7:00pm | Game Time
7:00pm - 7:30pm | Decompress / Activity Follow-Up 

Your ticket includes a beverage and food to chow upon to fuel your efforts.ANOTHER MONTHLY MEETUP? WHY?

Agile Games Indy loves Agile, and we want to give you the opportunity to practice what you preach.


We believe that you don’t need a specific title to thrive within Agile, which is why these meetups are open to everyone, even those outside the Agile community.We all know that being a great leader in Agile has EVERYTHING to do with experience, embracing an iterative mindset that is always evolving and learning.

We also know that it’s hard to have genuine conversations with your peers within Agile. We tend to talk about WHAT we’re working on, but when do we have time to really dive in and truly get to know each other and our ambitions.

This is a meetup to get Agilists together to do what they do best - be Agile! Not network and schmooze just because.

WE want this to be more than just a monthly meetup about learning a particular exercise - we want you to benefit from Indy’s best and most dynamic resource for your growth: the Agile community.

Our goal: to provide individuals with insights through Agile games so that they can bring these games to their teams and empower their success now and in the future.

If you’re new to Agile, you’ll learn a lot. If you are currently in an Agile team, use this activity to bring your group together and increase comraderie. If you’re an Agile leader, you'll feel more empowered to foster an environment of continuous improvement.


eimagine is a full-service Indianapolis-based information technology consulting company founded in 1998 that strives to consistently exceed clients’ expectations and has a proven history of success with large-scale customers in both government and commercial industries.

eimagine delivers a broad suite of technology solutions to help increase profitability through efficiency.

They strive to consistently exceed clients’ expectations, having a proven history of success with large scale customers in both government and commercial industries. They take pride in excellent communication – with their customer, internal team, and the end user – as the primary key success factor in every project. They use their Engagement Drives Outcomes methodology to meet our clients’ needs.

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beLithe is an Indianapolis-based training and consulting organization focused on creating happy workplaces and successful businesses through Agile, people-focused practices. Through training, coaching, and education, they partner with organizations to help them realize their potential through workplace culture and processes that work.

They're empowering businesses and organizations to operate at their full potential by implementing Agile frameworks. Their main pillar of focus: empowering people and culture through Agile. They offer support and services for individuals looking to grow and prosper throughout their professional journey.

How? By offering custom solutions such as private consulting, webinars, and workshops. Their core product is VAULT: a revolving, open-enrollment training series focused on Agile methodologies, SAFe frameworks, soft skills, modern leadership, remote teams, and more. VAULT encompasses more than a dozen unique courses, ranging from SAFe Scrum Master certification to remote teams training via the Work Together Anywhere program.

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