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Team Safety - what does "being safe" actually mean?
We're pleased to have Tim Mohrbach from WorldFirst present the next Meetup on Team Safety - a topic that can really help Agile teams deal with uncertainty and giving them the environment and support they need. --- Each agile adoption journey is different and everyone has their own story. The best way to learn from one another is to tell each other our stories, so during this talk I'll share my story and take you through the beginning of my own personal agile journey. I'll share on the experiences and the learnings I have taken away from the different workplaces and how these experiences have shaped my beliefs, which I am practicing today. I'll also talk about my favourite topic "Team Safety" and what “Being safe” actually means, and how to set up safe environments for teams. This will include common topics we all hear in our companies today such as: failure, experiments, learning at work, doing that task in unconventional ways, trusting the teams - and understanding safety is a big step towards successfully handling these topics. About me: Programmer since high school age, with professional career which began in web agencies, later in startups and most recently in the corporate world, Berlin and Hong Kong as the two locations of choice.


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