AgileKC-February: Intro to Bikablo, Hands-on! Come ready to learn & draw!

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Here’s the opportunity to learn the Bikablo visualization technique which thousands of people apply to create better meetings and projects. Join Dr. Jill Greenbaum to explore basic marker skills for your flip chart, whiteboard, and digital recording. Develop your visual vocabulary—pictograms, figures, and containers. Use simple combination techniques to create thoughtsketches. Learn to make ideas, differing views, problems, questions, processes, and project progress visible to accelerate results.

Please have paper and a chisel tip or a round tip marker (with permanent ink), plus a highlighter or light colored markers for our session.

Dr. Jill Greenbaum helps leaders across the globe to create responsive environments in corporate, government, nonprofit, and educational settings, by accessing the strengths of their communication styles. Jill utilizes her expertise in instructional design, training, facilitation, and coaching to deliver stellar offerings that transform participants, their relationships, and their work. She leverages her strengths as a graphic facilitator to support clients in gaining greater clarity, perspective, and depth, about the issues and challenges they are facing, enabling accelerated, richer, and long-lasting results. Jill is the only member of the Bikablo Global Training Team in the United States.