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Agile KC: Kanban and Scrum Gone Bad

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Jennifer B. and Liz S.


Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Six Sigma, Flow. We apply these tools to software development with the intent to improve our processes, but sometimes we lose sight of the goal and follow the practices prescribed by these tools to our detriment. This talk will provide a brief description of these tools and point out some of the mistakes teams make as they attempt to apply them to software development as well as what you can focus on that will minimize waste and maximize value.

Rob Kraft - Independent Consultant
Rob started his professional career as a COBOL programmer for the Federal Reserve Bank in the 1980s. He has decades of experience leading software development teams and architecting solutions, mostly using technologies in the Microsoft stack. He also was a professional trainer teaching Visual Basic and SQL Server. He earned a Master's Degree in Project Management in 2001, before Agile development practices were part of the programs.
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