What we're about

Community goal is to spread information about agile practices amongst Latvian software development professionals and industry newcomers. Main community goals are:

Discuss and share experiences of agile adoption and usage
Establish a friendly contacts with similar organizations across Baltic
Organize social events, workshops and seminars

And by the way, you don't need to be the member in order to attend our events.

Upcoming events (1)

Me, my team and organisation - my path as a Scrum Master

Dear Scrum Master (or wannabe Scrum Master or Agile Coach). We want to invite you to a very special Agile Latvia hosted event with a purpose to learn together more on SM role and start Latvia SM community of practice. We plan to do it in a format of futurespective while using different coaching techniques. You will be able to learn one more retro technique and more importantly build relations with other people in your chosen field. And maybe even find a mentor or become one! Join us on 29th of January in a unique location (to be defined) to bond over what we all love: individuals and interactions over processes and drinks.

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Kanban and Build Ship Experiment - game night #2

Accenture Teodors Office

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