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Community goal is to spread information about agile practices amongst Latvian software development professionals and industry newcomers. Main community goals are:

Discuss and share experiences of agile adoption and usage
Establish a friendly contacts with similar organizations across Baltic
Organize social events, workshops and seminars

And by the way, you don't need to be the member in order to attend our events.

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Improving communication by Active Listening

Online event

From one side, listening seems to be a very basic skill. We all go through our daily lives engaging in many conversations. So what is Active listening really about? Active listeners use verbal and non-verbal techniques to show and keep their attention on the speaker. They listen for meaning, listen to understand the other view, and how the other person is feeling when saying it. This skill can help you overcome disagreements and resolve problems, build and maintain relationships, improve productivity. Actually, being a good listener is no less important than being a good speaker. In this meetup we will explore and experiment with some active listening techniques in a safe and friendly environment. Who can benefit from using this approach? As agile is about collaboration, this skills will be beneficial for everyone - agile practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product owners, managers, team members... This will be an Online event structured as workshop, where you will be participating using Zoom video and interacting in a small and whole-group setting. We will need your webcam turned on for practical part, as it creates more meaningful interactions with others when we see each other’s faces. You will get the link for the video call shortly before the event.

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Engaging meetings with liberating structures

Online event

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