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"Leadership is not a designation, its a characteristic."

This group is for the people those are leaders in their own way, want to share with their thoughts to the community and lead the industry by providing solutions on Agile, Lean and Strategic topics.

We are a growing community and always looking for enthusiast people to join us as volunteer, speaker, and host our events.

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[Meetup] Agile Mumbai : "Agile Tools and Practices"

Digite Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

We are happy to announce "Agile Leadership & Management Network" - Meet-up at Mumbai 23rd Feb, 2019 Theme: "Agile Tools and Practices" Session: "Product Envisioning and Impact Mapping" by Chaitanya Ajgaonkar(Agile Consultant & Coach , TCS) Session: Product Discovery is a process that helps us make sure we’re not just creating products that are usable, but also useful. We will explore and learn why some of the practices are important in Product Development. Participants will form teams and wear the Product Owner's hat. They will be involved in activities to come up with high level Product features using Impact Mapping. Key Takeaways * Understanding of Product Discovery process. * Learn how to do Product Envisioning. * Use Impact Mapping to come up with high level Product features. ------------------------------------------------ Session: Introduction to Agile Network India by Mallika Jayamohanan Session: "Scrumban: Framework for [R]Evolution" by Rajesh Dadlaney (Founder of Agile Aware) Is a hybrid of Scrum and Kanban. ScrumBan emerged to meet the needs of teams wanting to minimise the batching of work and adopt a pull based network. It works as a great solution for teams who need the structure of Scrum with the flexibility of a flow based method. Many teams use ScrumBan as a transition point between a leads mature to a more mature Agile Practice or when Unexpected and frequent user stories or bugs occur. Key Takeaways * Know what is ScrumBan and when it can be used. * How to overcome challenges of Scrum related to workflow. * Manage improvement during/afterthought Scrum roll-out. ------------------------------------------------ Session: "How SwiftEnterprise helps on your ScrumBan journey" by Bhavesh Siddamsettiwar (Product Owner - SwiftEnterprise) Session: SwiftEnterprise has been the preferred global delivery management tool by the top Indian IT Services companies for the past decade. In this session, we will get an overview on how you can use it to run Agile projects effectively in line with the Scrum & Kanban principles. Key Takeaways * Quick introduction about SwiftEnterprise * How SwiftEnterprise helps you perform the following activities via the tool: - Backlog Refinement - Sprint Planning - Sprint Execution - Monitor Progress Note: Please RSVP, for confirmed participation. Carry Govt Id Proof for security check-in.

[Meetup] Agile Gurugram : "Agile Tools and Practices"

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Dear Members, We are happy to announce "Agile Leadership & Management Network" - Meet-up at Gurugram 2nd March, 2019 Theme: "Agile Tools and Practices" Session Title: "The forgotten Agile Practices" by Vikrant Kardam. Session: Agile based product development has been embraced widely in the industry, especially the last decade seeing significant interest in Agile development. Join this talk to collectively understand and remind us of the true Agile practices people tend to overlook in the hustle of doing Agile. Key Takeaways * Collective review of the true Agile practices. * Where did we go wrong? * Some of the best practices industry has embraced. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Session Title: "Agile Practices: Common mistakes and resolutions" by Harpreet singh. Session: Agile coaching plays an important role in inculcating agile thinking. Sometimes team go ahead with iterative delivery model which is often mistaken for Agile. The present talk focus on few of common mistakes the agile team makes in their agile adoption journey, these includes but not limited to hours of daily stand-up, in-effective sprint planning, improper user stories. This talk also cover about team collaboration and retrospectives. This talk is influenced by a recent live project where I helped team and customer in streamlining the agile practices. Key Takeaways * Pre-requisite to start first sprint. * Insight into user story writing following INVEST rule. * Effecting time management during daily stand-up and sprint planning. * Learning and adapting using sprint review. * Effective use of tools. Regards, Prashant[masked] Note: Please RSVP, for confirmed participation. Carry Govt Id Proof for security check-in.

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